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As a father of two, I have assembled and abused […]

As a father of two, I have assembled and abused more strollers than I can count on one hand.
In my experience, pricier strollers look sleek and steer well initially, but lose their cool after a little use. The Britax B-Ready retails at just under $500, which puts it in the middle of the pack as far as stroller cost. The design is original, and the quality is above more expensive models. And most importantly, the B-Ready survived the great Cheesesteak Adventure of 2010.
BritaxBReadyDoubleShortly after receiving the B-Ready, my family and I took a trip to Philadelphia. As this was our first time in Philly, we were obligated by our American citizenship to visit Pat’s and Gino’s for cheesesteaks. According to my calculations, the steakeries were a mere mile and a half from our hotel. It seemed loading the girls into the B-Ready and hoofing it would be the only way to justify inhaling 2,800 calories of cheesy goodness for breakfast.
The stroller tackled the task at hand with ease. Both of my daughters were able to comfortably ride thanks to the optional rear jump seat. (The B-Ready can transform into about a million different configurations—check this out.) While the second rider doesn’t have much of a view, the B-Ready is the most compact two-seater I have ever seen. I was thankful for the additional safety features that Britax added to keep the jumpseat rider’s fingers attached. These include rear wheel covers and a fabric attachment to keep fingers out of the seat hinges.
The bold green fabric and sleek frame turned heads as we made our way to wiz heaven. The B-Ready is also available in red and more subtle black and silver shades. The larger wheels provided a smooth ride and rolled easily. The steering was responsive and allowed me to avoid potholes and cracked sidewalks. However, I did jump my fair share of uneven sidewalks and curbs to see how the frame would hold up. Drive it like you stole it, right? Much to my surprise, the B-Ready remained solid despite my best efforts to break it. I arrived at our destination thoroughly impressed.

After our early morning gluttony, we began our waddle home. The sunshine was finally warming the air and we no longer needed our jackets. The B-Ready had ample storage underneath to hold all of our jackets and a well-stocked diaper bag. More amazing was the ability to access the storage compartments from all sides of the stroller. Most important was the cup holder for my bottle of Pepto.
Overall, the B-Ready is a great stroller. It is a compact two seater with a unique, simple design. I was able to assemble and figure out the operations without reading the instructions. The B-Ready is the most intuitive stroller I have ever pushed. With its supreme storage capacity and good looks, the B-Ready leaves little to be desired.
Price: $650 with second seat
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