Britax B-Agile 3

By Published On: May 1st, 2016

As a new mom, I was pretty nervous about knowing […]

As a new mom, I was pretty nervous about knowing how to assemble, use, and easily collapse any stroller. When the Britax B-Agile 3 was delivered, I considered waiting for my husband to help me tackle the assembly—I thought it would be that daunting. However I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and saw that only a few simple steps were required! It was just a matter of clicking the wheels and canopy in place—I didn’t even need to look at the manual for instructions. (Although I did double check myself when I was finished, just in case, and the manual was incredibly easy to understand.) It took me about 5 minutes to assemble the entire stroller, no tools were needed, and everything locked into place easily.
BritaxBAgile3-AOnce it was assembled, I wanted to practice collapsing the stroller and opening it, so it would become something I could readily do in a hurry with a baby on my hip. I thought it would take so much longer than it did to master this. The B-Agile 3 collapses easily just by pressing a button, then lifting up on a handle. I can collapse it and put it in my trunk with one hand. (Although I typically use two when they’re both available.)
I have been able to take the stroller to several restaurants and either leave my baby in the seat at the table—it doesn’t take up too much space—or collapse it and leave it at the entrance. It can stand upright even when collapsed. I have also taken the stroller through security at the airport by myself without any problem. It fits on the security belt, which saves TSA from needing to personally inspect it, saving me time as well!
BritaxBAgile3-BMy baby is currently still in his car seat using the adapter for the stroller. His car seat is not Britax so I needed to get a specific adapter in order to use the car seat with this model. It was about $40 and is still incredibly easy to use. The seat clicks into place in the same way it does in the car. The bar does stick out a little bit (about 6 inches), so when the stroller is collapsed it takes up a little bit more space than it normally would. But it still fits nicely in the trunk of our car (a Ford Edge).
We live in the New England area with uneven and broken up sidewalks. For the plastic wheels, I think the B-Agile 3 handles the sidewalks beautifully. I have even been able to successfully push it through piles of snow when the city hasn’t plowed well. I have been using the stroller in an aerobics class for mommy and baby about three times a week and found it to handle the running portions (on a path), quick turns and frequent stop-and-go actions really nicely. (I should note, though, that the B-Agile 3 is not officially intended for use as a jogger, nor would I use it for an actual jog—I think I’d need a rubber-wheeled model.) The foot brake is really simple; however, when unlocking it, I do have to make sure I push up all the way. Sometimes it sticks slightly and the wheels click a little.
BritaxBAgile3-CCompared to other strollers I’ve used (such as a BOB jogger), I feel that the B-Agile 3 is just as good. It’s lighter than the BOB making it much easier to push and load into a car. (Although it’s not as well-suited for running.) The pricepoint is very reasonable, which as a new mom is key! I really like our gender-neutral all-black stroller, especially because we plan to have more children, but it also comes in a variety of fun and cheerful fashions.
The stroller has a small flap by the handle with two sectioned pockets. It doesn’t have a cupholder, but I’ve been able to store a water bottle and a travel mug at the same time, as well as my phone and keys in the pockets without any issue. The bottom basket isn’t huge—my diaper bag fits, but very snugly. I’ve gone to the grocery store a few times with the stroller as my “cart” and I have needed to carry a few items in bags as well. I don’t mind this too much, but if you’re traveling with a diaper bag into the store as well, you’ll need to carry the bag or hang it on the handle.
BritaxBAgile3-FOverall, I’m a big fan of the B-Agile 3. I would highly recommend it to other moms looking for a simple, lightweight everyday set of wheels. I think that for the price, it’s one of the better strollers out there. My favorite features are how easily it collapses, its mobility and overall comfort for me to push.
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