Bring back breakfast

By Published On: January 11th, 2012

Now that you’re busier than ever getting ready for baby, […]

Now that you’re busier than ever getting ready for baby, you may have begun to classify breakfast as a luxurious affair reserved only for weekends. But if you’ve started considering the milk in your morning latte the first meal of the day or reach for something to eat in the a.m. only to stave off nausea, it’s time for a pregnant pause. Ask yourself this: Once your newborn arrives, would you ever skip feeding her a morning bottle? Of course not—which is why you shouldn’t deprive baby (or yourself) of sustenance now either.
It’s unlikely your hectic schedule is going to lighten up anytime soon, so it’s time to learn how to provide the best nutrition possible for baby while keeping your day job. Don’t overthink it—breakfast doesn’t have to require as much consideration as picking out paint colors for the nursery. Follow these quick and easy recipes for two to give both you and your brewing baby a jump-start on your nutritional needs for the day. Remember: Even if you’re not a breakfast person, your baby is!
Breakfast parfait
Stir 2 tablespoons almonds, torn slices of dried apricots, and 1 teaspoon honey directly into a 6-ounce container of nonfat plain Greek yogurt—no glass required! (Take a bite or two of yogurt first if you need more room for your add-ins.)
Tortilla fix
Sweet: Spread 2 tablespoons peanut butter on a whole-wheat tortilla and top with 1 medium sliced banana.
Savory: Sprinkle 2 ounces grated cheddar cheese over a whole-wheat tortilla, microwave for 30 seconds or until cheese melts, and top with avocado slices and 1 tablespoon salsa.
[tip] Substitute avocado with sliced peaches or pears when you’re craving sweet and savory simultaneously.
Dinner for breakfast
We’ve heard it the other way plenty, but pregnancy turns your world upside down, so save the whole grain waffles for dinner one night and savor this breakfast when you want something a little unexpected to start your day. Top toasted whole-wheat English muffin halves with 1 tablespoon pesto sauce and one thick tomato slice. Sprinkle each with 2 ounces shredded part- skim mozzarella and place under the broiler or microwave until cheese is melted.[tip] Have leftover veggies from last night’s dinner? Top pizzas with zucchini, asparagus, broccoli or mushrooms to stay one step ahead of your busy body’s needs.[tip] No microwave? Throw your breakfast burrito in the oven before your morning shower then wrap it in a piece of foil before you head out the door for a meal that’s ready when you are.

Sunrise shake
Blend 1 medium banana, 1 cup unsweetened frozen strawberries, 1/2 cup calcium- fortified orange juice, and 1/2 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt in blender until smooth. Throw in some frozen spinach for an undetectable serving of greens during the weeks your pregnancy makes veggies near impossible to stomach.
Tips for the office

  • Bring a cucumber to work! Add thin slices to a cool glass of water for refreshing flavor and instant nausea relief.
  • Make sure to keep a stash of sustenance supplies (like orange juice, bagels and oatmeal) at the office.