Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Bounce-a-Bout

By Published On: March 1st, 2012

The Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Bounce-A-Bout was a great […]

The Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Bounce-A-Bout was a great addition to our home and has provided many hours of entertainment for our daughter!
Not only is it visibly attractive, it also offers a lot of attachments that make noise, spin, and hold the attention of our baby! Our five month old is able to swivel the seat 360 degrees, and take in all that the entertainer has to offer.
bright startsThe assembly of the entertainer was very simple! It took a total of fifteen minutes between opening the packaging all the way to allowing our daughter to try it out for the first time. There are easy to follow instructions, and the only tool required is a small screwdriver. The bulk of the pieces simply ‘clicked’ together, and required no special skills at all! The entertainer is bulky (taking up some floor space) but this is to be expected. However, it can be partially disassembled for storage or transport by removing the three main uprights.
There are several neat attachments on this entertainer, and it is super fun to watch our daughter figure out the operation of each one. There is a butterfly theme to the unit, and each butterfly attachment offers a different motion and sound. For example, if you push down on one ‘butterfly’ it causes a neat spiral of beads. Another ‘butterfly’ needs to be rotated, and when baby rotates it she is surprised to hear the ratcheting sound it makes. Altogether, the attachments are really cute and some are challenging, which makes it great for stimulating play. If you have your own favorite baby toys, there are four attachment points where these can be added to the unit.
The entertainer is intended for babies that are able to support their own heads, and it has adaptations to let the unit grow as baby gets bigger. With other entertainers, the whole platform moves up and down to adjust, but this unit has a seat that adjusts. At this point we have ours set to the lowest setting, and it is very comfortable. There is an ‘overhead-bar’ that is above the entertainer which includes a few toys that baby will be able to reach and interact with once she gets a little bit taller. It is important to note that the ‘overhead-bar’ is not to be used to pull the entertainer around, as it will pull out if you do this repeatedly.
The ‘bounce’ portion of the ‘Bounce-A-Bout’ is quite neat. Instead of the entire platform moving up and down with the baby’s movements, it is stationary. Beneath baby on the base of the entertainer is a platform that acts as a sort of trampoline. This allows baby to bounce up and down without any possible pinch-points.
Overall, the Pretty in Pink Bounce-A-Bout has been great. With two older sisters running around, it is nice to have a place to set baby where she can be safe and entertained. I will often put my little girl in the entertainer during meal preparation, or during times when her big sisters need attention.
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