Bright Starts InGenuity Automatic Bouncer

By Published On: August 12th, 2010

Here’s a good idea: A bouncer that actually bounces! Traditional […]

Here’s a good idea: A bouncer that actually bounces! Traditional bouncers might vibrate and jiggle with baby’s movements, but this genius contraption from Bright Starts actually bounces, the same way you bounce your baby in your arms to comfort her when she needs soothing. As the mother of a fussy baby, I only have one question: Why did it take so long for someone to create a product that makes so much sense?
According to Bright Starts, the InGenuity Automatic Bouncer is powered by Hybridrive technology. All I really know is that it has afforded me more showers over the last week than I’ve had since my little gal arrived two months ago. (Thank you, Bright Starts!) The seat is very comfy, with lots of padding and an adjustable headrest so it will grow comfortably with your baby. There are two bounce speeds; both are smooth and gentle, mimicking a mother’s movement, with one speed (moderate) bouncing slightly more aggressively than the other (low).
BrightStartsThere are 10 melodies and nature sounds for baby’s listening enjoyment, and a simple toy bar that has a couple cute creatures hanging off it. The toy bar easily pivots back and forth so you can get baby in and out of the seat with ease. You’ll need three C batteries to get the bouncer a bouncin’.
The nonslip feet seem to work well, and I love that the seat padding is all machine washable. This bouncer is very cute without being overly cutesy, if you know what I mean. Its simple, neutral colors make it a great pick for a boy or a girl, or for a family who is looking to use the same bouncer for more than one child (like us … assuming we make it through this first one alive!).
This bouncer is easy to move from one room to another, which is a good thing since it travels pretty frequently between our laundry room and bathroom. I’d lug it just about anywhere for the peace it brings to our home. My baby girl is happy, I’m happy, and I’m sure my husband is happy that his wife is bathing again. Maybe we’ll be able to have that second baby after all!
Price: $50
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