Brica Day & Night Light Musical Mirror

By Published On: September 5th, 2012

During pregnancy, you try to be as prepared as possible […]

During pregnancy, you try to be as prepared as possible for your newest arrival. But every once in awhile, life comes in and shakes up your plans. For me, my preplanning stage took a quick turn when my little guy decided to pop out a month and a half early. Since I was using my winter break at work to make arrangements for everything from finding a pediatrician to constructing a crib, it’s fair to say we were completely unready for our tiniest family member. After he arrived, we found some of our preplanning ideas to be supremely necessary (diapers, anyone?), and others not so needed (Our monkey slept in a bassinet in our room for the first few months so we didn’t even need a crib!) But there is one thing I could just kick myself for not buying earlier and that item was a mirror for the backseat of our SUV.
Everything seemed fine when my husband and I were both on the road. One of us would sit with our guy in the backseat while the other one drove. But when my baby’s first appointment rolled around and my husband had to go out of town unexpectedly, I had to drive all by myself. Fiercely afraid of not being able to see my little tot breathe, the entire experience was horrible and not safe for anyone. I left the doctor’s office and immediately decided to get the BRICA Day & Night Light Musical Mirror. I could not have made a better decision.
musical-mirrorAssembly is a breeze. You just detach the mirror and remote from the product packaging and place the mirror over the back of your car’s headrest and adjust the straps to the proper height for your vehicle (there are four options!) so that you can see baby’s head and front-side easily from the driver’s seat. You can attach the remote somewhere up front for mom and dad’s easy access and you are ready to go. Before installing remember that batteries are not included.
There are a couple of things that I just adore about the BRICA. The first is that the mirror has a wide view allowing me to see more of my tot’s face, as well as, a clearer picture (less distorted) than most others I’ve seen. Second, there’s a musical setting that allows baby to soothe himself to sleep. The best part is that the music isn’t loud enough to disrupt adult conversation. The music also lasts for a good bit of time, so there’s no need to keep hitting the button. One of the strongest features is the dual-zone light. I haven’t been able to find a light with a lot of the other mirror choices on the market. When we are on a long trip to visit our grandparents, we find the nightlight so helpful. We can peek in on little man if we both want to spend some time riding in the front while he snoozes. Though I have found the light quite helpful at night, I have a few friends who find it a little too dim to meet their needs. This might have something to do with their location. Since we live in the city, the light from the mirror with the additional streetlights is more than enough to illuminate our little guy without causing him to stir. But for my friends in more rural areas, they have said they have to also turn on the interior car light to fully illuminate.
To use the light and musical features, you will want to turn the power on the base and then control the light and music from the remote. The volume control has two settings, high and low, and can be controlled by flipping a switch on the base.
For this mama, I can say the BRICA Day & Night Light Musical Mirror has made a huge difference in our daily life by offering peace of mind during travel. And my baby gets a huge kick out of listening to the soothing melodies. This product is a must-have for any parent.
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