Break out the folic acid (again)

By Published On: January 23rd, 2017

Surprise, surprise! We have a big announcement: After a long six […]

UntitledSurprise, surprise! We have a big announcement: After a long six whopping months of parenthood, we are somewhat shocked to announce we are pregnant with baby No. 2! Wow! Let me address the initial questions in your head. No, we are not crazy. No, this was not planned. Yes, we are really excited! Yes, they will basically be Irish twins (I just learned what that was after telling a handful of family and friends).
My body had not yet re-regulated itself postpartum and postbreastfeeding, so I really had no indication of being pregnant when I found out. I just had this intense feeling wash over me one morning, and I felt I needed to take a test. Low and behold there were two pink lines, two VERY dark pink lines. No denying that. We are ready to adjust (again) to what this next chapter will bring, but I definitely had a bittersweet moment with my daughter, Bellamy, in realizing our alone time together was already limited.
My daughter has brought the most joy to my entire family. She is truly adored and fawned over by everyone. She is deeply loved, and I am so blessed to be the person getting the most time with her. Every day with her gets better than the day before, and I feel a sense of protection over those precious hours now that another baby will be introduced this year. When I saw the positive result on the pregnancy test, I looked at her sleeping in her crib and let out this deep, raspy, whimper-like cry. I held my chest as a painful lump filled my throat and tears poured from my eyes. Even though she was sleeping, I picked her up and held her. I squeezed her tiny body, holding on tight to establish another close moment while it’s just the two of us. I couldn’t put her down as I kept reminding myself it wasn’t just the two of us anymore, and my time with just her was running out. It wasn’t that another baby wasn’t wanted or welcome, but my heart is so full from her presence in my life.
I calmed down a few minutes later, and I reminded myself I could have amazing relationships with all my children. When I told my husband, Matt, we laughed together because it just felt too surreal. We hugged and kissed and put on a new coat of armor for this new situation. We told one another it was going to be great, and we haven’t looked back since! Now we view our family as a foursome, even though we have quite a few months to go (and a LOT to figure out). It’s helpful in these moments to remember many people have done this before us, and that we aren’t alone!
Bellamy will always be so special, because she made me a mom, but there will be room for more. Speaking of more, I just have this weird inkling we may be having twins—the real kind. With second pregnancies, I know it’s common to show more quickly and get bigger earlier (fun!), but I feel super pregnant already! We finally go to the doctor tomorrow, so I will keep you all posted. It already felt “real” around here, but now it’s really about to get MORE real. In honor of my precious girl, I had to dig up a throwback image of her first few weeks of life with me. It’s crazy to think we will be back here with a new baby by the end of the year. Stay tuned!