Bound to please

By Published On: August 1st, 2015

Reference: Resources for early learners. 1. Paris: A Book of Shapes by […]

BookOpenerReference: Resources for early learners.
BoundtoPleaseA1. Paris: A Book of Shapes by Ashley Evanson, $7
Embark on a sightseeing and shape-spotting adventure as you locate the circles, squares, ovals and more hidden within the City of Lights’ iconic attractions.
2. How Tiger Says Thank You! by Abigail Samoun; illustrated by Sarah Watts Sterling, $7
This globetrotting tiger is sure to please as she politely expresses her gratitude in eight different languages.
3. The Secret Garden by Jennifer Adams; art by Alison Oliver, $10
Budding literature enthusiasts will grow to love this guide to flowers, which comes complete with quotations from Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic novel.
Biographies: Stories to inspire.
BoundtoPleaseB4. Little Tug by Stephen Savage, $8
Small but mighty, this little ship will tug at your heartstrings as you learn why he’s the most beloved boat on the water.
5. Gossie & Gertie by Olivier Dunrea, $9
With foam covers and rounded corners, this baby-safe book chronicles the friendship of two darling goslings as they navigate the give and take that comes with following the leader.
6. Pig and Pug by Lynne Berry; illustrated by Gemma Correll, $17
This tongue twister of a tale is sure to tickle your tot’s fancy as she listens to the alluring alliteration of this amicable anecdote.
Science fiction: Interactive volumes for inquisitive minds.
BoundtoPlease37. Off to the Park illustrated by Stephen Cheetham, $12
Explore the tactile textures of the playground through this rhyming board book, which is packed with feel-good fun.
8. How Things Grow compiled and illustrated by Eric Carle, $8
Vibrant pictures and peekaboo flaps beckon curious bookworms to discover where trees, tulips and more get their start.
9. On My Beach concept/design by Sarah Gillingham; illustrated by Lorena Siminovich, $9
A cleverly incorporated finger puppet adds dimension and commands attention in this colorful beach read about a lovable crab.
Best-sellers: Critics’ picks for before bed.
boundtoplease410. Oh, Baby! illustrated by Chad Geran, $9
This word-free board book invites parents to tailor the story to their listener as they page through the telling pictures of everyday activities.
11. When You Were Born by Emma Dodd, $13
A tender reminder of how a baby changes mom’s and dad’s lives for the better, this sweet read depicts the delight all animals experience at the arrival of their new additions.
12. Baby Night-Night by Kate Merritt, $6
One-hundred percent baby-friendly, this chewable, washable, absolutely un-tearable tome invites eager readers to be hands (and mouths) on in their nighttime routine.
Young adult: Selections for big siblings.
boundtoplease513. Outstanding in the Rain by Frank Viva Little, $18
Vibrantly illustrated and brilliantly written, this clever work of art about a day at the amusement park will captivate children and adults alike.
14. If an Armadillo Went to a Restaurant by Ellen Fischer; illustrated by Laura Wood, $15
Wet your kiddo’s appetite for reading with a silly story about the persnickety palates of out-to-eat animals.
15. Behold! A Baby by Stephanie Watson; illustrated by Joy Ang, $17
If baby has been center stage recently, shift the spotlight to this envy-reducing piece, and watch big brother steal the show with his newly discovered hidden talent.
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