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The Boon Soak is a simple, cleverly designed bath for […]

The Boon Soak is a simple, cleverly designed bath for newborns to toddlers.

The product is made of molded plastic and comes in white with either orange or blue highlights. The only assembly that was required was the positioning of the colored insert based on our baby’s size.

The tub features a porous insert, so babies in all three stages (newborn, infants, toddler) can sit comfortably. Our newborn had no problem—and the insert can be reversed as baby grows to allow for more space. It snaps easily in and out of the tub bottom, but it must be checked before use to make sure it is snug in its small plastic clamps (one in each corner) or else the insert will float in the full tub.

The small holes in the seat allow water to flow around baby, which is great for warmth. The bath also contains a non-slick seat insert on one end to keep your tot from slipping, which new moms will welcome (I know I did). Another great feature is the drain plug—it changes colors to indicate the water temperature, another smart way to ensure baby’s comfort and safety.

The bath is designed so that it can be used on its own, in a tub or inserted in a double sink, so you can bath your babe while standing up—which is a big plus for grandparents or moms who have had a C-section (or anyone who would prefer not to give baby a bath kneeling over a tub). In addition the tub is accessible from either the left or right, so even left-handed parent can bathe baby easily.

The size of the product (like many baths) makes it a bit difficult to store, the one downside. While the bath could technically be taken along on a trip, it wouldn’t be very practical to travel with because it is not collapsible. It is sturdy and very durable, though—after many uses there is no visible wear and tear. All edges that could touch baby are nicely rounded, and both the seat and headrest are designed to minimize slips while bathing.

The Soak’s price is less than half the price of the company’s collapsible bath (Naked), which is great for parents who love the Boon brand but want to spend fewer dollars. And I think it’s competitively priced for baby baths in general.

Overall, if you want a dependable, sturdy, uncomplicated yet well-designed and easy to use product, this bath is for you!

Price: $30
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