Book Club Jr.: This year's top tales for tiny tots

By Published On: December 15th, 2015

Teaching shapes and colors? Bringing home a new sibling? Just looking […]

Teaching shapes and colors? Bringing home a new sibling? Just looking for a cute story to entertain your little one? These books will help you cover all of these and more, with the support of charming characters and touching tales that are sure to entertain kids of every age … and their parents, too!
Let’s Talk about Animals
From an early age, baby will enjoy Harriet Blackford’s colorful illustrations, and as she grows, your tiny tot can move beyond identifying animals to learning about their habits and habitats. In lieu of a traditional story, author Britta Teckentrup offers an educational experience that encourages curiosity and exploration. Boxer Books, $13
Color for Baby
Featuring icons like Andy Warhol, Henri Matisse and Roy Lichtenstein, this four board-book set by Yana Peel celebrates masterpieces in a variety of styles and medias. Inspire your wee one’s appreciation for the arts while she explores her colors in a fun accordion-style layout. Big Picture Press, $22
The New Small Person
Older siblings will have no trouble relating to Elmore Green, a former only child whose life is turned upside-down when a tiny tot suddenly arrives on the scene. Recline with your firstborn rug rat and Lauren Child’s translatable tale to discover how those squishy newcomers can transform into beloved baby brothers. Candlewick Press, $18
Hop, Hop Bunny
Authors Betty Ann Schwartz and Lynn Seresin have teamed up with illustrator Neiko Ng for a new (and, we should mention, adorable) follow-along series. In the first board book of the collection, join an itty-bitty bunny on a garden exploration. As you read, help her jump through die-cut holes in each page, and learn about colors and hand-eye coordination in this interactive adventure. Chronicle Books, $10
Seaver the Weaver
An artistic arachnid named Seaver uses his spidey senses to spin webs inspired by the stars, but his brothers and sisters are less than impressed with his unusual creations. Author Paul Czajak has woven a tale that not only teaches tots about basic shapes but also reminds us all to embrace our differences. Mighty Media Kids, $16
Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada
In his new board book, comedian Jimmy Fallon reveals every dad’s secret mission: making sure baby’s first word is “dada.” (The hilarious tale was inspired by his daughter, who called out for mama despite Fallon’s fatherly encouragement.) Follow along as charmingly illustrated animals desperately try to persuade their offspring to utter one simple, all-important word. While your tot is busy learning that cows go “moo,” you’ll be laughing at just how accurate this read might be. Feiwel & Friends, $8
Sophie la girafe: Peekaboo ABC
Featuring the popular giraffe babies love to teethe on, this alphabet board book draws tots in with a familiar face and interactive experience. It boasts textures to explore, flaps to lift and sturdy pages that hold up to even the most enthusiastic readers. DK, $7
Busy Baby: Friends
Eager readers can literally make baby’s head spin (in the most adorable way) as they turn the colorful pages of Sara Gillingham’s interactive read about playing, sharing, painting and, of course, building friendships. Chronicle Books, $10
The Little Shop of Monsters
R.L. Stine, author of the best-selling Goosebumps series, teamed up with Marc Brown, producer of the PBS hit show “Arthur,” to create a frightfully fun new read for your mini. Open the door to an unusual pet store, and meet monsters of all shapes, sizes and sorts. Some stink, some growl, and some are downright ticklish. Which spooky creature will you choose … or will a monster pick you? Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, $17
The White Book
In this imaginative, wordless book, it’s the illustrations that craft the story. Watch a cute kiddo use rollers and buckets of paint to cover each white page with a new color, bringing to life a parade of animals—and eventually, the perfect pal. Candlewick, $14
Ninja Baby
Nina the ninja baby has a special skill set. She can conceal herself during bathtime, demolish applesauce and infiltrate movie night like a champ. But when her parents bring home a new Kung Fu Master (aka baby brother), she wonders if she’s met her match—that is, until she learns there’s no match for family. Chronicle Books, $17