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Being a  mom has discreetly trained me for moonlighting as a […]

Being a  mom has discreetly trained me for moonlighting as a pack mule … so when I first received the Boba Air carrier, I was pleasantly surprised at the size of it in the packaging. It was about a third of the size as my current carrier (a popular soft-structured carrier from another brand).

The Boba Air came in such a small package, I immediately knew it would be easier to shove into a bag or attach quickly to a diaper bag. Traveling with a carrier this size would be great, as bulkier options just add to the load of things to haul and maneuver around.

The directions were laid out quite nicely and were organized in a way that anyone should be able to read and follow. They show how to use the carrier step by step, with the baby in front or on your back.

The material of the carrier is very lightweight. In fact, I was almost surprised to find the carrier accommodates passengers from 15-45 pounds. The fabric might be lightweight, but it is apparently quite strong, too! Such a lightweight material means it doesn’t get as hot as other carriers made with heavier canvas- or cotton-like materials. It’s a welcome distinction, in fact, because those carriers can quickly become a hot mess in certain seasons and locations (like if you are hanging out on a humid July day in a Florida swamp, for example).

The actual structure of the carrier is what I was most interested in. My current carrier is great. It is comfortable (or at least I think it is—my daughter hasn’t learned enough words to tell me otherwise and she doesn’t scream while in the carrier, so I will continue on as though she is comfy). But it is difficult to fold or pack it into a smaller bag, and I struggle to clip the straps behind my back when I’m using it on my own.

This is not the case with the Boba Air carrier. It’s small enough to stuff in any old diaper bag, so you can always have it on hand. (It actually folds into itself/the hood pocket. Brilliant.) We loved traveling with it. We could wear our baby through the airport and not have to worry about saving space for it in the overhead bin. It tucked neatly into our carry on, easy peasy.

Also, there is a strap that clips the shoulder straps together to hold them in place—and you can reach it all by yourself! No assistance needed. With other carriers, this strap often sits squarely between your shoulder blades, so  no one but a contortionist can clip it without help. The Boba Air has this clip up at the top of your shoulders, so everyone with working elbows can get in and out with relative ease. Just be careful to adjust it correctly or else it can become weight-bearing, which is uncomfortable.

Using the Boba Air with baby on your back is a great option, too. It takes a bit of practice learning to get baby in and out on your own (and is best done with another adult spotting you for the first few times, especially if your little one is still, well, little). However, it’s a handy (and hands-free) way to cart around your kid. I think we’ll be taking advantage of it for next couple years. Wouldn’t it be great to walk around Disney World without a stroller and just pull out a lightweight carrier from your bag in the inevitable event your 3-year-old gets tired?

The Boba Air doesn’t offer quite the same level of comfort as some of the bulkier carriers with more padding, so I don’t know that I’d want it to be my only carrier. However, it is a really convenient supplemental carrier that is ideal for occasional carrying, short-term carrying and travel. Plus, the price is super reasonable!

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