Boba 4G

By Published On: February 6th, 2014

A baby carrier. I never in a million years thought […]

A baby carrier. I never in a million years thought I’d be the lady in the store wearing my baby–that’s exactly why I have the best stroller and a great carseat and a cute shopping cart cover. But lo and behold, a chance came to review the Boba 4G and guess who’s wearing the carrier around town and loving it? This girl. And not for one second do I miss lugging my car seat to the store or hoisting my stroller out of my trunk or fighting to collapse it.
Boba-4Right out of the box, the instruction manual showed great pictures and simple, one line descriptions for each step. I don’t know why I thought putting on a carrier would take a degree in rocket science, but I was proud of myself when no less than one minute of following directions I not only had the carrier on correctly, but had my 4-month-old in, who was laughing because he was so happy. With one quick snap at the waist and one quick snap of the shoulder straps, two quick and minor tugs to adjust the sizing, I was in securely, and so was my babe. It now takes me about 15 seconds to get the carrier on and have him in securely. And as soon as he decides it’s naptime, which happens frequently as the 4G hugs him close to me, I simply unroll the hidden hood and he’s out in the dark, just like that.
Boba-1Now, to do a good review, I realized I had to become more familiar with the carrier world. And I have to say, I am beyond happy to have the Boba–it’s truly the easy, comfortable, adaptable carrier. You (yes you–anyone from 5’0” to 6’3”) can wear your little infant (in a newborn hold from 7 pounds to 15 pounds), a baby (15 pounds to 30 pounds) on your front or on your back (20 pounds to 45 pounds). Did you see 45 pounds?? That’s a toddler! And they’ve included footstraps for your bigger kids. Your baby cannot face out, but after reading their reasoning online, I’m OK with that. Now, I can’t speak to a 45-pound tyke, but I can attest that my 15-pound baby felt lighter and more comfortable in this than other carriers. My shoulders never get sore, which sadly happens with others. I’m chalking it up to the weight distribution and the comfy padded straps. I also found myself holding my baby with one reassuring hand less often with this carrier, as it just felt so much more secure–making it a truly hands free carrier.
Boba-2As with most carriers (as opposed to wraps), it’s a bit big to lug around. When traveling, I felt a bit awkward trying to roll and stuff it up under the airplane seat with my bulging diaper bag. But that’s a price I am willing to pay to have my hands free while traveling. And did I mention the pockets on the outside? Perfect for my phone, car keys, boarding pass, you name it.
So ladies (and gents), if you’re looking for a bit more freedom and you’re tired of lugging 30 pounds of car seat and baby around, this Boba 4G is calling your name.
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