Boba Carrier 3G

By Published On: May 23rd, 2013

I am currently pregnant with my third child, but before […]

Boba3GI am currently pregnant with my third child, but before embarking on motherhood I was in retail. I spent my days and most of my paychecks at the mall on shoes, bags, and makeup, and I was so happy to wear each little treasure I had collected and then return it to its proper place in the closet to be admired until I could take it out on the town again.  Downsizing jobs so I could stay at home with my kids really eliminated my collecting of clothing, but I still wanted to have an accessory that could be with me and make a statement even when I’m in mom jeans and a ponytail. Baby carriers fit the bill perfectly.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that wearing your baby is very developmentally beneficial to both you and your baby, and so much better than lugging a stroller around everywhere you go, and (at least for my children) provided a bed for napping no matter where we were, but most carriers are also super cute. I have a vast assortment of mei tai (or sash) carriers, slings, and “clicky” carriers—the ones that buckle at the waist and secure snap at the shoulder or chest depending on if you are wearing baby in front or back, and my husband is just as baffled by my new collection of carriers as he was by my need for the 7th pair of black shoes.
My newest carrier is the Boba Carrier 3G I have been stalking this company for ages, and finally got my hands on one. The main reason I wanted one so desperately is because it is adjustable to fit adults from 5’0” to 6’3” and my husband is right there at the top of the range. It also can safely accommodate children from 7lbs – 45lbs with no additional accessories. That is a serious range. There are about 10 different prints to choose from, and then there is the Organic collection too. I got mine in the SOHO print, and I think it’s pretty slick.
It’s really comfortable for a soft-structured carrier. I tend to prefer the immediate adjustability of a sash style, but the waist straps on the Boba are very secure with easily adjustable clips, and the waist pad is comfortable. My favorite feature by far is the extremely adjustable chest clip. It is a sliding clip as opposed to being attached to another strap with buckle adjustments. I LOVE it! It is so easy to move from chest height to back height, which I need to do often since I wear my 1-year old in both ways and frequently switch carry positions in the same outing. I also like the adjustability of the shoulder straps, and that they have an integrated purse strap so your bag will rest securely on top of your shoulder of choice instead of constantly falling to your elbow just when you’re trying to grab your 3-year old as he darts into the elevator you’ve been waiting for.
It doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but it doesn’t need them. It requires no infant insert since the feature to shorten the back support panel for infants is integrated, and there are also adjustable head support straps inside the top pocket to ensure that your really little one is comfortable and able to breathe safely. The sleeping hood is kept in the same pocket, and attaches with snaps, not loops, so it is less fuss than most. The Boba also comes with foot straps designed for older children so that their legs can rest at a 90 degree angle and not dangle, which is important since dangling legs can sometimes lead to numb and tingly legs after a long adventure. All of these features are very clearly laid out and explained in the manual, which also includes all the potential carry holds, and suggestions for getting your child into that position. All the literature that came with the Boba I found useful even as a very experienced baby wearer. And please don’t forget to register your baby products like this. You need to be able to be alerted if, heaven forbid, there is a recall on something in the future, or if you are entitled to an upgrade in design based on a flaw. I don’t anticipate it at all with this carrier, but I know I always forget to register my things.
My glowing review of this carrier has only two dim spots. First, as a wearer of mostly sash style carriers, I find the fabric and padding construction of this carrier to be hotter than most of my other carriers. I totally understand why, since it is so sturdy and comfortable otherwise, but there have been occasions where I have taken it off and elected to just hand carry the baby if we were both too uncomfortable. I also do not care for the fact that the only body fabric options they have for their fun print panels are black. Black carriers, though versatile in being able to match outfits and feel more universal, show every little piece of dust you picked up that day, especially when the 3-year old stomps all over it as he’s trying to get out of the car before you have the baby in the carrier. Curse him being able to unbuckle himself these days. But I am overwhelmingly in love with this carrier and am very happy with how it has earned a permanent place in the everyday rotation. I am not ashamed to say that I have no less than four carriers in my car at any time, and this is my grocery, errand, “quick stop” carrier just because it is so easy to adjust for what I need, and there is no chance of dragging sash straps on the Target bathroom floor.
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