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By Published On: March 1st, 2017

My husband was the first to open the package and […]

My husband was the first to open the package and put the BOB Stroller Strides together. When I came over and asked him about the instruction manual, he said it didn’t come with one. That didn’t sound right, so I looked, and lo and behold, it’s tucked in the back pocket of the stroller! So apparently the instructions aren’t even necessary for assembly. However, I do recommend reading the manual first, as it took him 10 minutes of trying to figure out how to collapse the stroller down before he gave in and looked at the instructions. Once you know which levers to pull and in what order to do the steps, it’s quite easy to fold the stroller up.

Right out of the box, there is some assembly required; you have to attach the axle and wheels. You also need to fill the tires with air, so don’t expect to be able to use it straight out of the package. We don’t have a handheld air pump, so we had to take it down to a gas station to get it filled. The stroller came with a Stroller Strides Fitness Kit, which includes a handlebar console and exercise tubing. This was a pleasant surprise for me since I still haven’t lost that stubborn baby weight! There is also a Stroller Strides exercise manual; this small booklet is filled with suggested exercises using the tubing and the stroller. I didn’t know it came with those, so it was also pleasant bonus.

The suspension on this stroller is fantastic! Baby doesn’t get jostled around very much, and steering is very easy. The single front wheel can be locked for jogging mode, or unlocked to swivel in walk mode. The rear axle is quite wide, so it’s not great for running errands in tight spaces, but it’s perfect for off-road hiking, long walks and going to the park. Being a jogging stroller, the wheels are large, so it does take up a good bit of space in the trunk, even when collapsed. Although it’s bulky, it’s light enough to lift into the trunk with one hand.

One drawback, in my view, is that there is no belly bar across the front of the stroller. My baby loves to put her feet on it, and I like to attach her toys to it so they don’t fall out. (You can purchase an add-on snack tray that would be comparable.) On the upside, it does have two mesh pockets on the INSIDE of the stroller seat, which keeps her toys and snacks secure when we’re out.

I love love LOVE the adjustable handle bar. My husband is 9 inches taller than me, so finding a handlebar that is comfortable for both of us is nearly impossible. With the adjustable one we can easily flip it from position to position, so we can both use it at a good height. The stroller organizer has one large zipper pocket to keep a phone & wallet secure, and a deep drink pocket for a water bottle (no hot drinks!).

The sunshade comes WAY down in front, which is great because it’s very windy where we live, and it protects baby a lot better than most shades. The peek-a-boo window is quite large, and the cover actually rolls up into a little mesh pocket so it doesn’t flap back when you’re moving. Overall, my whole family loves the BOB Stroller Strides jogging stroller, and I highly recommend it!

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By Wendy

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