BOB Revolution Flex All-Terrain Stroller

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When the BOB Revolution Flex All-Terrain Stroller arrived, I was […]

When the BOB Revolution Flex All-Terrain Stroller arrived, I was expecting the set up to be equivalent to an IKEA purchase, but luckily it was as simple as popping the wheels on with the help of the instruction manual. The whole process took about 10 minutes tops. The manual is fairly easy to follow and very thorough.

I absolutely love the way the stroller looks. It is sleek, smooth, and the first thing that stood out to me was the large visor. It protects my son from the sun and also from people who might want to interrupt our jog to put their hands in his face. There is a large viewing window at the top of the canopy, allowing me to see my child’s entire body even though he is being shaded from the elements.

I love the handlebar, too; it is very comfortable and adjustable, which is a huge plus if both parents want to use the BOB to exercise. One small con, if the visor is pushed all the way back (not in use) it seems to fold onto my son’s head. He almost has to rest his head on the folded up visor. I don’t know if he minds, but I would have loved a strap to hold that part back, as there are going to be times I don’t want to have the visor down.

It took me a little bit of time to figure out how to get his seat to sit straight up, but I really appreciate the fact that he seems to be really comfortable in it. He doesn’t arch, wiggle or try to get out of it! He actually likes sitting still and enjoying the ride. If he decides he wants to nap, the seat also reclines very far. It adjusts with a five-point buckle system, ensuring that as he grows he will continuously be securely in the seat.

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This particular model works for one child. The weight limit is 70 pounds, and the stroller is adjustable; as the child gets heavier, a bar is in place that balances the weight of the stroller more evenly, which is a thoughtful touch. The stroller is compatible with Britax, Chicco, Graco and Peg Perego brand car seats—but only certain models. The website has a handy car seat adapter cheat sheet that tells you which products work with each BOB stroller.

If you want a fully decked out ride, you have to shell out some cash for added accessories, such as the snack tray and holder for the mom’s drink or phone. But it’s nice to have the option to customize your tot’s ride to fit your needs.

The wheels are incredibly hardcore. It is perfect for any terrain. We can run in the park on the path, and then take it into the grass for him to play! The foot brake is a long bar that goes between the two back wheels, making it easy to throw on or take off. To lock the front wheel you have to walk to the front of the stroller and lock it. It’s not hard—but not the most convenient. On the sidewalk the ride is very smooth. There is also a strap for extra security while running downhill. Having the strap makes the whole jog seem safer, and it puts my mind at ease knowing I won’t lose control of the stroller if it gets going too fast.

There are five color options. Each seems to have an outdoorsy theme, which you really can’t go wrong with, unless you were hoping for a more feminine hue. The price point is high. However, this is a top of the line stroller, and many people will find it well worth the investment (and peace of mind).

The storage underneath the stroller is adequate. It’s easily accessible and can hold many loose things, but doesn’t seem like it shines at holding an actual diaper bag if the one you carry is large. There are also two pockets on the side of the stroller that we have enjoyed storing snacks or pacifiers in. (This is especially convenient if you do not have the snack tray.)

One of the best parts about using the stroller comes at the end! It folds up very easily, does not seem as though it could possibly get stuck mid-fold and is lightweight enough to lift with one hand and place in the car. A buckle on the wristband allows the stroller to be locked in place. Unfolding it is also very easy, but you do need both hands—or the stroller will collapse on you. But as I said, the whole process is the easiest of any stroller I’ve ever used.

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