BOB B-Safe 35 by Britax

By Published On: September 1st, 2016

The BOB B-Safe 35’s manual is thorough and readable, and the […]

The BOB B-Safe 35’s manual is thorough and readable, and the illustrations are clear and intuitive. In case you misplace the manual, there are also instructions etched onto the car seat base itself. (To prevent this, though, there is a compartment in the base where you can keep the manual within reach.)

No assembly is required, and the installation is very straightforward. It comes with a click-and-release LATCH system, so there’s an audible click that lets you know when it’s attached. This also means that it’s easy to attach to the lower anchors in the car without having to stick your hands in between the seats and get your fingers pinched. (Ouch!) The level indicator is a wheel with a red zone that tells you when the seat is level, and there’s one on each side, so you can install the base from either side of the car.

The B-Safe 35 is narrower than our other car seat, but it’s also longer and taller. We have a four-door sedan hatchback, and it fits with my 6 foot husband in the front seat—but there’s not a lot of extra space. Part of added length is because it sits slightly farther forward on the base, so if you were using it without the base and just installing it with a seat belt, you would have more wiggle room.

The base is almost as heavy as the car seat, but thankfully that will be staying put in the car. If you have a second vehicle, you can purchase an additional base, or use the seat belt installation.

The harness has shoulder pads to protect baby’s neck, as well as a fabric flap between baby and the bottom buckle. The narrowness helps keep little ones upright and snug in the seat. The head supports are thick enough to keep baby’s head from rolling from side to side, and the straps are easy to adjust. The position of the B-Safe 35 keeps baby in more of a sitting position than her other car seat does. She prefers this position, and it helps her spit up less when she is in the car seat.

The B-Safe 35 is 10 pounds (without the base). It’s a little more bulky than other car seats we’ve used, but that durability makes it safer for wee ones. Being a smaller mother, I sometimes struggle maneuvering the seat, but once baby is in the car, I prefer the contours and sturdy shell of the B-Safe 35. I know I can trust it to protect my baby girl. My husband, being much taller, says he prefers the curvature of the handle for carrying the seat.

The B-Safe is compatible with Britax strollers and the manual shows instructions with how to install it with a travel system. The B-Safe’s weight range is 4-35 pounds, making it safe for a preemie or a low-weight baby.

Overall the BOB B-Safe 35 by Britax is durable and protects baby very well.

Price: $230
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