Blooming Bath

By Published On: September 29th, 2011

The first time I bathed my oldest daughter, I was […]

The first time I bathed my oldest daughter, I was terrified.
I feared she would slip out of my hands, hit her head, or do who knows what to hurt her tiny little baby self in that kitchen sink. Luckily, my own mother was there to help me out. It was still awkward though, trying to hold the baby and wash her at the same time. If only I had had the Blooming Bath baby bath!
Blooming Bath 1Now, my second baby is almost 3 months old and we’ve had a fantastic experience trying out this awesome (and adorable!) new bath invention. It is the perfect solution for squirmy babies and sink baths. You just push it into the sink (it conforms to most any kitchen or bathroom basin), turn on the water, and rest your baby on top. It is soft and comfy, perfect for a little one. It seriously made bathing my 3-month-old significantly easier. I could tell she was well supported (unlike when using a regular bath sponge) and very comfortable as I washed her. No fussing!
This large scale, pillow-like bather was invented by four dads who felt much like I did when trying to bathe their own babies. The Blooming Bath is so easy to use—when bath time is over, you just wring it out and hang it up with the loop on the backside, or throw it in the dryer for 10 minutes! It’s made using antimicrobial foam and a mesh back, so any worries of mold or mildew are washed (ha!) away. I highly recommend this item and feel that the price is right. It would make a perfect shower gift too!
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