bloom nano highchair

By Published On: August 7th, 2014

Our search for a high chair involved two main concerns: […]

Our search for a high chair involved two main concerns: a modern design and practicality, withstanding the inevitable spills and messes our little one would create. The bloom nano highchair surpassed our expectations on both fronts.
modern-highchairsFirst up, the nano looks great. It has a modern, minimalistic design made for the “urban” home, and it fits in perfectly with our contemporary kitchen décor. The nano comes in several color and frame combinations. The frame is offered in black or white, and the leatherette seat comes in denim, midnight black, coconut white, gala green, henna brown, rock red and two snakeskin textured options (black and grey). Our nano has a white frame and the snakeskin grey seat. We love the cool snakeskin texture. It really enhances the look by adding dimension to the seat, but does not make it any more difficult to clean. We also love the contoured lines of the chair legs. The nano manages to look sleek without sacrificing the all-important practicality of a highchair.
Just as important as its looks, the Nano is well designed and includes numerous practical features, allowing it to perform as effortlessly as we had hoped.
Assembly was easy. The instructions were clear and the chair was put together and ready for use in about 10 minutes. The highchair is very sturdy and safe. With a wide base, the nano is unlikely to fall or be pushed over. We love that our child is strapped into the highchair with a 5-point harness similar to those found in a car seat. There is no way our baby is getting out of this chair on her own.
bloom_nano-highchair1The tray on the nano slides in and out quite easily, which is helpful to accommodate babies as they age and grow. We also love the fact that the tray can be removed completely, allowing you to pull the chair all the way up to the table. We can let our baby sit directly at the table and eat with our family. The nano’s harness straps are also adjustable. They can be moved up and repositioned for older or larger babies and can be tightened as much as you need. The footrest also adjusts to two positions.
The nano highchair seat appears to be comfortable for our baby. The bottom, sides and straps are all padded. The back of the seat hangs from the frame to make the seat more comfortable. While we have not had a problem with our child slouching in the seat, we can see how that could be an issue for some parents.
A huge point in the nano’s favor is how easy the chair is to clean. The seat is leatherette and it wipes clean without much effort. The tray is super-sized and has a deep lip, which makes cleaning big spills a breeze. The tray is also removable and dishwasher-safe, which is a huge plus! The difficultly comes in cleaning food that gets into the stitching and seams on the nano’s seat and straps. The seat pad is cumbersome to remove—you have to unzip the back and undo the harness straps. It’s also hand wash only; we recommend cleaning up food spills immediately because you cannot just pull it off and throw it in the laundry.
One of our favorite features of the nano  is that it folds up flat. When the highchair is set up, its wide base takes up quite a bit of space. (Tip: Be careful not to trip on the legs!) Because it’s foldable, the nano is practical in small studio apartments as well as large, spacious kitchens. While this is not a highchair made for traveling or dining out, it is perfect for convenient storage when you want to get all of the baby gear out of the way for a while. Because our kitchen is small, we conveniently store our nano in the pantry when we entertain.
col_mattwhitesnakeskingrey_1_LWe love our nano and would recommend it to anyone seeking a modern-looking highchair. It’s sturdy, stylish and easy to clean. It also appears that it will last a long time. The combination of design and functionality that the nano provides is hard to beat at this price point.
Price: $119
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