Block party

By Published On: October 24th, 2011

Every child deserves a set of blocks. Stacking them and […]

Every child deserves a set of blocks. Stacking them and knocking them and then doing it all over again (and then doing it all over again) is practically a rite of passage.
Blocks of the new millennium are hardly a chip of the old block though. Some of them aren’t even square! They’re all sorts of shapes and sizes and styles and color schemes—and that makes choosing a set for your tot more fun than ever.
Whether you’re looking for basic blocks (in awesome colors) that will last a lifetime or hilarious blocks (with sides showcasing words and pictures such as “afro,” “suntan,” and “underpants”) that will provide as much entertainment for you as baby, you’re bound to find something that fits the bill. Consider nesting blocks for easy storage, plush blocks for pain-free play, or kaleidescope blocks for added awe-factor. Or, if you’re in the market for something exceptionally cool, opt for magnetic blocks (sweet!) or even blocks with braille (wow!). Feeling generous? Buy a set to gift at the next baby shower you attend. They’ll look adorable stacked on the nursery shelf until baby is old enough to play.
Block party
Nesting. Eeboo, $20
Hilarious. Fred & Friends, $39
Animal. Haba, $46
Plush. Skip Hop, $15
Magnetic. Tegu, $32
Kaleidescope. Haba, $36
Basic. Kid O, $36
Braille. Uncle Goose, $37
Does your baby like playing with blocks? My nephew loves gnawing on the French alphabet blocks I gave my sister at her baby shower. Which of the above blocks are your favorite? Do you have any of them in your toy box at home?