bliss/philips bikini perfect deluxe spa edition

By Published On: February 18th, 2010

Written by: Betsy February 17 2010 I’m guessing most of […]

Written by: Betsy

I’m guessing most of you ladies will agree when I suggest that pregnancy requires your nether regions to be on display more frequently than any other time in your life. Endless trips to the OB and everyone and your husband’s mother in the delivery room suddenly make your most private of parts, well, a little more public.

(And let's also keep in mind the fact that spring break is on the horizon—and even if your doc and MIL are forgiving, some fellow beach-goers may notice more than just your cute suit when, um, there’s more than just your cute suit to notice.)

So, you’re feeling extra-conscious of your bikini line upkeep but also ultra-aware of your growing-by-the-day bump that makes wielding a razor down there a little scary. Let me introduce you to the bliss/philips bikini perfect deluxe spa edition set. It is a handy-dandy grooming set that will pay for itself in the time it takes to spare you two bikini waxes. (Hey, we're all trying to save a buck these days!)

What’s the kit include? A shower-friendly, cord-free “personal trimmer” (basically, electric razor) with six (six!) various attachments to suit your landscaping desires. The Precision and Eyebrow (oh yes, it works for your peepers too!) Combs allow you to set your length of choice, and the Precision Trimmer, Micro Trimmer, Micro Shaver and Epilator let you remove unwanted hairs to your heart's content. (Have you girls ever tried an epilator? It’s a bit pain-inducing—on par with a bikini wax, I’d say—but grabs and plucks anything and everything in its path. Amazing!)

The kit also comes with what I would consider sample portions of Bliss ingrown eliminating hair pads and lemon+sage body butter and scrub. I like the ingrown eliminating pads most, mostly because I really don’t like ingrowns.

Although the travel-size goodies will run out quickly, the personal trimmer will not. When it's out of juice, just pop it on it’s charger and plug it in for a few hours—you’ll be back to hair-removing in no time.

Enjoy your trip (whether to Florida or the hospital)!

Price: $70
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