Birdling Bags Weekender Bag Review

Birdling bag weekender
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You know those women who show up to the airport looking totally put together with gorgeous travel bags in tow? Or the ones you see in the locker room after spin class dropping their cycling shoes into an ubercool, probably not even stinky tote? Yeah, I’m normally not one of them. Typically I fall into the category of frazzled jet-setters pulling the suitcase with the wonky wheel or T-shirt-wearing gym-goers still sporting the duffel bag they used to haul dirty clothes to the laundromat in during college. However, when I hustle to the hospital in the throes of labor in a couple weeks with the Birdling Weekender bag by my side, I anticipate the other ladies having babies will stop mid-contraction to admire the most beautiful overnighter they ever did see.

You might think I’m nuts—and as a 34-weeks-pregnant mom of soon-to-be two I might be—but I assure you, this weekender is one worth marveling at (and investing in). It looks good, sure, what with its water-repellant #10 duck durable canvas exterior and chestnut genuine leather accents, but its function meets its form head to head.

It has exterior pockets on all four side for stowing frequently used items within easy access (or for tucking in that last-minute item you’re bound to want to add to the zip pouch after you’ve closed it for the. last. time.). It has handles that are just long enough to sling over your shoulder should you opt for that carry strategy, though they work equally well resting into the crook of your arm. The optional adjustable strap allows the bag to be worn crossbody, ultimately freeing up your hands for a variety of things (including but not limited to: holding your toddler’s hand, Instagramming, buying a croissant, etc.).

The Weekender on the Inside

The best, most amazing, absolutely revolutionary part, however is found inside. Nylon interior dividers create three separate compartments, and the result is life-changing. You see, I’m typically a suitcase kind of girl (with the wonky wheel, remember?) because I generally find they stay more organized. Overnighters are prone to going from tidy to disaster before you’ve reached the destination on your first trip, I’ve found.

But not this one. No, this gem of a bag keeps shoes separated from swimsuits, toys separated from toiletries, undies separated from umbrellas (just kidding—who packs an umbrella in their weekender?). It’s absolutely genius when it comes to separating your clothes from the kids’.

When I go to the hospital, there will be a big compartment for me, a small compartment for my husband and a small compartment for our baby. And I actually think there will be room on top for my pillow—because this bag holds a lot, you guys. Like, if I weren’t toting around an extra 28 pounds, I could get inside. In fact, I think they could safely call it the “Birdling Bags Long Weekender Bag” because you could easily pack enough for a 72-hour-plus stay inside—and that includes your stuff as well as at least one to three additional family members.

A word to the wise: If you do pack for the long-haul, keep close tabs on the weight of your load. No suitcase means no wonky wheels means no rolling—and it’s easy to quickly surpass your weight limit when you realize how readily family-size bottles of shampoo fit inside. (I’m speaking theoretically, of course.) Make sure you—or your husband—can lift your handsome tote!

In case it’s not clear, I’m a huge fan of the Birdling Bags Weekender. It’s perfect for a quick getaway. The quality is outstanding, the design is brilliant, and the style is timeless. It’s a bag I’ll use time and again for years and years—and frankly, the excitement is almost enough to send me into labor.

Price: $150

P.S. This bag is obviously much too big for a diaper bag or everyday bag. If you’re looking for an everyday tote, Birdling Bags Day Tripper Bag may be a better bet. The Circle Bag is a good option for a more petite tote. Birdling offers a 10% discount for a first order when you sign up for their newsletter.

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