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Birdling Bags Day Tripper Review, Pregnancy & Newborn
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For moms who like to bring along everything but the […]

For moms who like to bring along everything but the kitchen sink, the Birdling Bags Day Tripper is a must. It holds whatever you could possibly want for a day at the beach or trip to the zoo. It’s rugged and durable and made to last a long, long time. Let’s dive right in to the details …

This beast of a bag is made right here in the USA—hooray!—and sports a water-repellant #10 duck canvas exterior with nylon accents. In other words, it can handle whatever crazy twists and turns your day throws at it. You can fill it to the brim, toss it around and, heck, probably even run over it with the stroller, and it would be no worse for the wear. (Well, a little dirty, perhaps, but nothing a little spot-cleaning can’t handle.)

The haul-all tote has a few exterior pockets. “Bottle pockets” on either end  work well for a baby bottle, water bottle or, if you must know, bottle of wine. There’s also an envelope-pocket on the front that’s great for easy phone access.

Inside, there’s a detachable nylon pouch. I like to keep some wipes and a spare diaper inside—this way, I can quickly unsnap the pouch and bring only the necessities into whatever godforsaken public restroom we happen to find ourselves in.

Other things to note: There’s an optional shoulder strap, which my partner likes to use. Personally, I find the tote handles to be just the right size for grabbing by the hand or slinging over my shoulder.

The Day Tripper fits a lot, you guys. Like, a lot, a lot. It’s really a little oversized for an everyday diaper bag, but it’s great for bigger outings—like the aforementioned day at the beach (a mom can dream), zoo, farm, big brother’s soccer game—when you have no choice but to carry a lot stuff (i.e., towels, change of clothes, park blanket, lunch, sunscreen, hats, changing table, baby giraffe, pot of gold and anything else Mary Poppins might keep in her bag).

You know what else the Day Tripper serves well as? A hospital bag! This would make an amazing shower gift for a mom-to-be. (I know I would have promised to let whoever gifted me one be the first to meet my baby after delivery.) (I kid; I kid.) (Sort of.)

I like that items can be piled inside, that it has a structured-but-never-rigid shape and that the open top allows for easy access. It’s a great-looking bag with fantastic craftsmanship but not so precious that you’re afraid to actually use it. It’s available in three fantastic color combinations, and it gets two thumbs way up from this mama.

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