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By Published On: August 17th, 2012
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I’m not an outdoorsy girl. Unfortunately, my kids take after […]

I’m not an outdoorsy girl. Unfortunately, my kids take after my husband—they’re always up for an impromptu hike down to the creek or a campfire in the backyard. I’d rather be inside reading or sewing, but since I know my kids won’t want to hang out with me forever, I break out the bug-spray and play along. Any opportunity to hang out with my kids and handsome husband is a good time, even if it’s not exactly in my comfort zone.
The one outdoor activity I actually do enjoy is bike riding. Maybe it’s just because it reminds me of being a kid, but zooming along with my hair flying out behind me always makes me smile. I came across the bicycle artwork below, and the message and picture immediately made me think of my daughter. One bicycle find led to another, and before you know it, I had an assortment of two-wheeled goods on my wish list.

Biker babe
Biker babe by pnmag on Polyvore
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