Week 22: Big brother

By Published On: June 20th, 2013

Even though he’s our firstborn, Roo already has competition for […]

IMG_1112Even though he’s our firstborn, Roo already has competition for his parents’ love and affection – our dog, Finn. This furry little companion is obsessed with his Papa (not that I can blame him). He greets him at the door every night with a full-on butt waggle and plenty of kisses to spare. At any time of day, when Arthur tries to kiss me or Roo, Finn flies out of nowhere to insert himself between me and Arthur’s face. I’ve watched this dog sit for 10-15 minutes just licking my husband’s ear or hairline.
My little lap dog doesn’t resist showing me affection either, much to my delight. As soon as I plop down on the couch and stretch out my legs, he’s there ready to act as my blanket. He follows me from room to room, even if I’ve just left my desk to go to the bathroom or get some more water. And while all of this leaves me feeling very much loved and needed, I worry about the day in the not-so-far-off future when I have two little boys to nurture.
You see, the sibling rivalry has already begun. Finn and Roo have started to fight for space on my lap; unfortunately, as my stomach grows, the amount of room for Finn dwindles. This became evident on a recent car ride to my parent’s house. Arthur drives, and Finn rides shotgun with me, passing out as soon as the seat belt’s clicked into place. He won’t stir until we’re rolling into the driveway and I tell him we’re at Nana’s.
This time, though, he became disgruntled early into our drive and couldn’t find a comfortable position. My bump took up prime real estate, and Finn was none too pleased with his seat. Neither was Roo – I started to feel frantic fluttering in my stomach as Finn maneuvered on top of it, no doubt pressing right on the baby! The dog begrudgingly moved, but my bladder suffered from the boys’ bouncing around for the rest of the trip.
When the time comes, I have no doubt that Finn will warm up to our son and include him in our close-knit pack. When we welcomed him into our family earlier this year, we knew he’d make a great family pet. He gets so excited when we pass strollers and children on the street during our daily walks. While he has yet to spend an extended amount of time with a child, he’s shown great respect and interest during the brief experiences he has had with one.
We’re busy prepping Finn for the arrival of his little brother, but I have a feeling I should be prepping myself for life with a dog and baby too. Is there a class that prepares you for walking your dog and the stroller in tandem? If so, sign me up! Are there also recommendations for how to prevent your heart from exploding with love? Because I already melt at the sight of my dog, so I can only imagine the puddle I’ll be when my son and Finn are in the same room.