Best papa ever

By Published On: June 9th, 2014

My husband knows that I love any reason to celebrate. […]

North0605My husband knows that I love any reason to celebrate. I countdown to holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, and milestones are always acknowledged. Although Arthur doesn’t have the same enthusiasm for these events, he fully supports me making a big to-do for them. Which is why I am thrilled that there is a new holiday the North family can celebrate this year and forever more—Father’s Day!
Arthur’s not one to toot his own horn, but I am proud to do it on his behalf. He is the best father to our son. This doesn’t surprise me, but what does catch me off guard is how much my heart melts whenever I see them together. He is so attentive, patient, and overall amazing with Rowan. If they’re this sweet and interactive with each other at this age, I can only imagine how much more adorable and heart-melting they’ll be when Rowan gets older and really starts looking up to his father more.
Outside of his relationship with Rowan, Arthur and I have only gotten stronger since the birth of our son. I’ve seen a lot of couples fight over who has to “babysit” the kids, or they keep track of how many diapers they each have changed. And while Arthur and I take turns on the weekends with night wakings, I’m fortunate in that I never feel the need to guilt him into spending time with or doing something for Rowan. We are truly a team, and we don’t hesitate to share our appreciation for each other or compliment the other’s parenting skills. Arthur being a great dad and husband makes me a better mom and wife.
So this Father’s Day, in addition to honoring my wonderful stepdad, I’m thrilled to celebrate my son’s dad. Everyone deserves to have the best father, and the fact that I was able to give Rowan one makes me feel like I started off my role as a mom right.