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Flowers for Mother’s Day? Yes, please. Follow these tips from […]

flowersFlowers for Mother’s Day? Yes, please. Follow these tips from Christina Stembel, founder of California-based Farmgirl Flowers, to extend the life of  your bouquet.
Fresh start
Once you’ve rustled up a vase, wipe off the dust, and then wash it out with soap and water to remove any lingering residue.
Time for a trim
Cut at least ½ inch off the base off the stems (even if they came in a vase). Trim at a 45-degree angle to maximize surface area for water absorption.
Clean water campaign
It might seem like a hassle, but the No. 1 way to prolong the life of your arrangement is to switch out the water daily. That’s right: every single day.
Out with the old
Remove brown or wilting stems right away, so the bacteria they release don’t infect the blooms that are still going strong. Some flowers will simply last longer than others.

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