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By Published On: May 16th, 2012
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Get ready to get down, mamas—it’s tummy time! Although doctors […]

Get ready to get down, mamas—it’s tummy time! Although doctors maintain back-sleeping is safest for baby, experts recommend infants spend time on their stomachs daily to strengthen back and neck muscles needed for early motor development.
3 tips to make tummy time tolerable
1. Keep it fun. Lie on your stomach facing baby and make silly faces and noises to entertain your tot. A toy or mirror can also create opportunities for playfulness.
2. Start early. Experts say it’s never too soon to let your newborn get accustomed to using her trunk muscles. Add it into her routine before baby gets too comfortable on her back.
3. Feel the burn. Several minutes of tummy time may seem minimal to an adult, but those cute baby grunts indicate your tot is working hard. Try 5-minute sessions spaced throughout the day to let baby rest between her mini workouts.
Did you know?
The muscles engaged during tummy time will eventually be used for rolling over, sitting and crawling.

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