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By Published On: August 17th, 2011

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I […]

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to invest in a good baby carrier. A close friend had used a baby carrier with her daughter and I had never seen a baby so content as when she was in the carrier nestled close to her mom. For me, the Belle Baby Carrier is the perfect carrier for my own daughter for many reasons.
Belle Baby Carrier 1The Belle Baby Carrier in Black has several stand out features:

  • The carrier is made from a strong, upholstery-grade black microsuede fabric and is accented with a black breathable mesh panel.
  • The buckles on the carrier are the same as those used on high-end outdoor backpacks, and the waist belt rings are durable stainless steel.
  • The waist belt shoulder straps and seat area are lightly padded.
  • The carrier includes a detachable head support panel made of the same black breathable mesh and blue inside liner.

The carrier’s soft microsuede fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable for both parent and baby. Additionally, the quality of the buckles and waist belt rings makes me feel confident that my baby is safe when I am using the carrier. There are no cheap plastic pieces involved with the Belle Baby Carrier. The detachable head support allows the carrier to be used with a baby as little as 8 pounds. I really like that the head support is detachable as other carriers require you to roll or tuck the head support down. The detachable feature makes the carrier less bulky when a baby does gain head control.
Belle Baby Carrier 3Some carriers have complicated instructions and are difficult to take on and off. I was able to put on the Belle Baby Carrier without assistance in less than five minutes the very first time I used it. The instructions are clear and concise, but if a parent needed extra help, the website offers an instructional video as well.
The carrier is recommended for babies 8 to 30 pounds and will fit adult waists up to 49 inches. The waist belt and crossover straps distribute the weight of the carrier to your hips, so there is no strain on your shoulders when you are carrying baby. The carrier can only be used as a front carrier, but baby can face in or out. in a natural ergonomic position that supports the baby’s developing spine.
The Belle Baby Carrier is the perfect carrier for outdoor activities, everyday errands or even household chores. I can accomplish so much with my baby while wearing it and never doubt its safety or comfort for my little one. The carrier is a bit more expensive than competitors’ carriers, but for me, the quality and peace of mind are well worth the cost. I love the Belle Baby Carrier and would recommend it to any new parent.
Price: $100
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