Beco Soleil

By Published On: February 24th, 2014

The first time I put my son in the Beco […]

The first time I put my son in the Beco Soleil carrier, he smiled. And so did I, for more reasons than just that. In fact, I don’t think there are enough superlatives in the English dictionary to properly convey how amazing I think the Beco Soleil carrier is, so the following will have to suffice: it is the easiest, coziest, handiest, most practical, efficient and functional baby carrier I have ever used. With the amount of features this carrier has, I wouldn’t be surprised if a Boy Scout made it. It’s always prepared.
Beco Soleil 1For example, this beauty comes with a toy ring, allowing you to attach your little one’s favorite toy for the ride. There’s also a key ring so you can clip your keys to the carrier without jamming them in your pockets or, worse, forgetting them. An attachable pocket with zipper is spacious enough to pack a few diapers and wipes or even your wallet. Want to bring your cellphone and a pacifier for the outing too? The waistbelt pocket is perfect for them.
More important than all the special features for you and baby are the safety features. What’s the point of wearing your baby and all of your necessities in the carrier if it won’t keep your precious cargo safe? The tri-lock buckles prevent them from accidentally opening by requiring you to squeeze the sides of the buckles at the same time you push on the top button. I’ll admit that it’s annoying and my least favorite part of the carrier, but if my only complaint is that an extra step keeps my child more secure, then I probably shouldn’t consider it a complaint.
Beco Soleil 2The shoulder straps are plenty padded for parents’ comfort, and the built-in headrest and ergonomic seat keep baby cozy for the duration of the ride. The hood provides extra privacy for the passenger too. All of the straps are easily adjustable, and they include elastic bands so you can roll up the excess webbing. The carrier is machine washable and comes in a variety of fun designs—I love the Levi pattern because although it’s blue and grey, the dandelions help make it more gender neutral (and I definitely plan on using this bad boy for our future children)!
Your child can ride comfortably in the carrier in three different positions. My son was only mature enough for the front carry, with the addition of the infant insert, but the back and hip carry look easy enough to accomplish. Compared to other carriers’ instruction manuals I’ve read, the Beco Soleil’s was extremely simple to follow. The step-by-step, live-action pictures make it easy to see what you need to do, and the written instructions were clear enough that I was able to put the carrier on by myself.
Beco Soleil 3Once it’s on, I’m able to do a myriad of things. The Beco Soleil has allowed me to fold laundry, do dishes, walk the dog, bake a pie and write this review, among other activities. I can easily see using this carrier as an alternative to a stroller or shopping cart, although it’s a bit bulky  to store in the diaper bag. It fits adults who range in height from 5’-6’5’’ with a waist between 27-59’’, so it accommodates plenty of figures. My husband and I both wore it (with adjustments) and had no problems.
At $140, the Soleil’s not cheap. But with a weight capacity ranging from 7 to 45 pounds, the Beco Soleil carrier is worth it when you consider how long it’ll be in use.
Price: $140
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