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Babywearing certainly makes life easier, so I was hopeful that […]

Babywearing certainly makes life easier, so I was hopeful that my infant son would enjoy the Beco Gemini baby carrier (especially because we had already tried a few others without success—i.e., there were fits of intense crying and lots of unhappy wiggling). The Beco Gemini is an exceptional product and met almost all my expectations as a functional and comfortable carrier. My son fell asleep in it the first time we used it! I look forward to many months of babywearing ahead, thanks to this carrier.

The Beco Gemini grows with baby and can be used in four different positions for babies weighing 7 to 35 pounds. My son and I currently use the front-carry (facing-in) position, but the product can also be used when a baby gains head control in the following positions: front-carry (facing-out), hip-carry or back-carry. By offering four different carrying positions, the Gemini allows parents to use the carrier to suit their own needs as well as baby’s changing needs as he develops. The Gemini does not require an infant insert, like many other carriers on the market, and has a built-in head support. Plus, the carrier features a padded ergonomic seat that can be adjusted from a wide base to a narrow base to help support a baby’s growing legs.

From my experience in setting up the carrier, I would definitely suggest that you adjust it to the desired position before leaving home. My husband and I both worked with the carrier to get it setup initially, and we had to use the directions and the diagram of the carrier features. Luckily, the instruction manual is easy to follow and provides an awesome flip chart with instructions for the various carrying positions. While it was a little overwhelming at first, I am confident I could change the carrier to different positions now that I am more familiar with its features.

My only real complaint of this carrier’s functionality is that it is difficult to unsnap the closures one-handed because it features a safety button in addition to the snaps, so older children do not unhook the straps while being carried. While it is hard for me to hold my son and unhook the straps, I do appreciate the added security. I consider this a small complaint considering all the other features of this carrier.

The Beco Gemini is comfortable for parents and baby. My husband has no problem wearing the carrier as it can be use by adults up to 6’5 in height and has extra long shoulder and waist straps that can be adjusted. The excess straps can be folded and securely tucked away in provided elastic straps. The crossable shoulder straps are well padded and do not dig into my shoulders while wearing. The waist belt also provided plenty of support. The baby’s weight is evenly distributed and I can comfortably baby wear for longer periods (as long as my son cooperates).

In addition to being comfortable, I love the color options available. My favorite is the Teepee, but there are lots of options to match taste and style. The carrier is machine-washable and 100 percent cotton. The carrier is a bit costly at $130, but the comfort and versatility make it worth the investment. I love my Beco Gemini carrier and prefer it hands down to others I have tried in the past.

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