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Home: Los Angeles, California Work: senior advisor at Bumble, co-founder of […]

Home: Los Angeles, California
Work: senior advisor at Bumble, co-founder of FCancer, founder of Motherlucker, host of Facebook Watch series Motherlucker: Got A Sec?—and full-time mommy
Kiddos: Jagger (3), Levi (2), Hart (2 months)
Instagram: @yael
Nickname: Yae
Most-used emoji: hearts, thumbs up and laughing face
Pregnancy craving: fried calamari
First concert: Sting
Favorite form of exercise: I love high intensity, so I’ve been known to get after some CrossFit or martial arts in my day.
Favorite quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

How would you describe your style?
Casual/homeless chic? I’ve learned to love dressing up, but it took me a while.

Au naturel or proud Sephora card-carrier?
Au naturel most of the time, mostly because I have no time!

What’s your go-to accessory?
My cell phone.

What is your skin care regimen?
I wash my face, NO MATTER WHAT! I use a good serum, eye cream and face cream and call it a day.

What did you mostly wear during your pregnancies?
Stretchy short dresses. I consider pants dressing up when I’m pregnant!

What trend are you currently obsessed with?
Duster cardigans—I feel like they elevate any look. And my kids think they make me a superhero, so it’s a win-win.

What do you wear that inspires the most confidence?
Depends on the day, but honestly it’s not the outfit, it’s the hair. If my hair looks good, I feel good.

What is an average Tuesday for you?
I get up before the kids to get their breakfast and JJ’s school lunch ready, then I get them up and dressed and we play or go on adventures in the backyard. Depends on the week, but the rest of the day is a balance of work, keeping the kids alive and somehow feeding and spending time with my husband.

Take us through an achievable makeup/beauty routine.
Wash your face, apply eye cream and serum. I love a good tinted moisturizer to make me look more put together. If I’m in a super rush, mascara and lip stain are all I’ll do. If I’m going somewhere nicer, I’ll attempt a little contour and smudged eyeliner.

What affirmation can you offer first-time moms?
No one knows what they’re doing. Even if the mom at your playdate seems to have it all together, she’s just trying her best to figure it all out, too. Don’t compare yourself to other parents or families, only you know what’s best for your family, and even if you think you’ve made a mistake—I promise it won’t ruin your child!

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Images: Courtesy of Yael Cohen Braun