Battling the bulge

By Published On: February 20th, 2013

So, if you are like me and you’re exclusively breastfeeding […]

022013aim-featureSo, if you are like me and you’re exclusively breastfeeding your babe and frustrated that the baby weight hasn’t just “flown off” then you may be interested in following me on my baby weight loss journey. I am so tired of not being able to wear any of my clothes and I feel frumpy dumpy most days. With the winter days winding down I’ve decided to stop eating junk and start taking care of myself. You can follow along here if you’d like!
After I had Phoebe I initially lost about 25 lbs by just living. Then weeks went by with no change. I guess eating Ben and Jerry’s every other day isn’t such a great idea? I think as moms we are so busy and exhausted that we totally put getting ourselves in shape on the back burner. For me, since I’m starting to get a little sleep and feeling more like myself, 12 weeks postpartum feels like a good time to start! This could be different for you.
I am certainly not a dietician (nor do I claim to be!), I’m just going to be doing the old-fashioned eating whole foods and exercising. I don’t want to be too restrictive since I am nursing. You still need those extra calories… just not necessarily the ones that come from pizza. I’m looking forward to feeling better and feeding my family better too. I realize that when I eat bad it is a total trickle down to my little ones and I really want to set good eating habits for them.
How did you tackle getting back in shape? Did you have to try hard or did it just happen gradually?