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By Published On: April 2nd, 2013

One of my closest friends is having her third baby […]

One of my closest friends is having her third baby this summer (yay!), and I’ve been debating what I should get her since she already has pretty much everything she needs from the first two go-rounds. I think I’ve finally settled on a new diaper bag, because a) who doesn’t love a good bag?, and b) it’s something that’s really more for her than the baby, and I think she could use a little something special just for her since she gives so much of herself to her babies all day, every day.
So now … which one is “the one”? We have very similar tastes, so I’m sure she’ll like anything that I like, and I like all of the bags shown here. Of course, the Orla Kiely bag is probably a bit too expensive for a gift—I’ve been crushing on it and wishing for one myself for quite some time now—and the Storksak bag is a little pricey too, although it’s so classically gorgeous and I know she’d be able to use it long after her wee one has graduated from diapers. (Maybe I’ll get lucky and catch a sale between now and June!)
I’m thinking probably the pretty green floral print—it isn’t a new design, but I’ve always loved it, and I think she would too. If my frugal husband has anything to say about it, though, it’ll be one of the less than $100 options … and I have to admit, the yellow lining of that gray bag is pretty cheery and would probably be a hit.
What do you think? Which one would you most like to have?
Bag lady

Bag lady by pnmag
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