Badger Basket Evolve Convertible Wood High Chair with Tray and Cushion

By Published On: October 15th, 2012

When our 1-year-old was ready to join our family at […]

When our 1-year-old was ready to join our family at mealtimes, we decided to try a different route than we had gone with our older children. Instead of a booster seat, we decided to look into a new highchair. Fortunately, when the opportunity came up to review one, we knew we had made the right choice. There are a lot of highchairs on the market today, and every one of them has its pros and cons. We are thankful to have the Badger Basket Evolve Convertible Wood High Chair with Tray and Cushion in our home because the negative aspects are overwhelmingly outnumbered by the positive.
BadgerBasketWoodHighChairLiving in a small home, we were delighted with the small footprint and lightweight design of the Evolve High Chair. It does not take up a lot of space, and it only weighs 16 pounds so it is easy to carry from the kitchen and back to the dining room. It also includes a handle on the back of the seat to make carrying even simpler.
Upon opening the box that the Evolve High Chair was delivered in, we were able to assemble the unit with the supplied Allen wrench and a #2 Phillips screwdriver. The instructions were very clear, and total assembly time took less than 20 minutes. One amazing thing about having the Evolve High Chair assembled is that the chair is actually an attractive piece of furniture! Most high chairs are clunky, industrial looking chairs, whereas the Evolve High Chair is made of solid wood available in two different finishes (cherry or espresso). The tray is constructed of plastic and is dishwasher safe.
The highchair can be used as a stand-alone unit, or it can be used as a seat at the family table. We were surprised to learn that the chair is capable of supporting a child from 6 months old to an adult weighing 175 pounds! It takes only a few seconds to adjust the seat as well as the footrest, to ensure that the occupant is comfortable and secure. Unlike most other seats, this one does not require a tool to adjust the position of the seat and footrest, which we love since, in our household, it often seems you can never find the tool you need when you need it! Regardless of the height of the seat, your child will be comfortable thanks to a removable seat cushion.

The one drawback that we noticed when using the Evolve High Chair is the safety harness. It is cumbersome to use (though, in all fairness, it is no different than the other high chairs we looked at). The harness includes both a lap belt and shoulder straps, which are great for safety. However, when they are disconnected the belts tend to get tangled up and are a hassle the next time the seat is used.
Overall, the Evolve High Chair is a great product; it’s attractive, versatile, easy to clean and very stable. We would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a comfortable place for their baby to eat a meal.
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