Back to class

By Published On: August 1st, 2015

1. My favorite part of beginning the school year? New […]

1. My favorite part of beginning the school year? New shoes!
—Chantel, Associate Editor
Bucketfeet slip-ons, $68
2. Before there were first-day-of-school pictures, there were year-of-firsts baby books.
—Lauren, Executive Editor
Lucy Darling memory book, $35
3. The difference between a student and a mom? One carries books in her backpack; the other hauls diapers and wipes.
Mayuko, Photographer
Ju-Ju-Be diaper backpack, $148
4. I love that this over-sized ruler doubles as a growth chart.
Caroline, Editorial Intern
Kirkland’s wall plaque, $40
5. We all need a cute place to store our lunch money.
—Steph, Creative Director
Poketo wallet, $28
6. Everybody knows fresh crayons are the best.
—Shea, Fashion & Style Editor
ILIA Beauty lipstick crayon, $24
7. I’m a sucker for chalkboard-inspired design, and this pen lets me get the academic look without the dusty mess.
Ginny, Contributing Editor
Chalk Ink marker, $6
8. I’d be lying if I said a blank notebook didn’t make me ridiculously happy.
—Lacey, Editor in Chief
Rifle Paper Co. pocket notepad, $7
9. I always send my little ones to “school” (aka daycare) with mama-approved snacks.
—Sarah, Contributor
JJ Cole Collections lunch pack, $15
10. Geography has forever been my most-loved subject, and I’m trying to pass that passion on to my kiddos, too.
—Tanya, Blogger
The Lovely Wall Co. wall decal, $65