Back-to-school cool

By Published On: August 1st, 2014

I’m an avid backpack user (they’re so practical!) and think […]

Hershel-1I’m an avid backpack user (they’re so practical!) and think this one is especially hip.
—Lauren, Executive Editor
Herschel backpack, $40

Bella-Tunno-1At my house, we’re big fans of placemats we can doodle on, and my kids love any excuse to bring out the chalk!
—Ginny, Contributing Editor
Bella Tunno chalkboard mat, $24

Heather-ShawTypically I find a blank page daunting, but this one is totally charming.
—Jane, Associate Editor
Heather Shaw pillow, $48

Hill-Country-WoodcraftYou’re never too young (or old) to enjoy a rousing round of “Wheels on the Bus.”
—Lauren, Editorial Intern
Hill Country Woodcraft wooden bus toy, $18

Paper-SourceThere’s nothing like a new notebook at the start of a school year. This easy-to- keep-up-with journal is sure to stick around for more than one semester.
—Shea, Fashion & Style Editor
Paper Source journal, $17

Knock-Knock-2This clever pad is perfect for writing notes to tuck in my son’s and daughter’s lunch boxes.
—Lacey, Editor in Chief
Knock Knock note pad, $5

Chronicle-BooksWhile alphabet flash cards make great learning tools, these seem equally suited for nursery décor.
—Chantel, Copy Editor
Chronicle Books flash cards, $15

Apple-ParkI started packing my lunch in elementary school and haven’t stopped yet! My first-grade self would have loved this cute pack.
—Steph, Creative Director
Apple Park lunch bag, $25