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Searching for the perfect stroller was key for my husband […]

Searching for the perfect stroller was key for my husband and I. We live in a third floor walkup in Chicago and are always on the go. We researched many different brands and models, but are very happy to have settled on the Babyzen YOYO+. This stroller is so compact and easy to use.

Babyzen-5It arrived folded in its own storage bag, and there was no assembly required. The manual is short and sweet but provides great illustrations, which show how to use the different seat settings and how to attach everything. The styling of this stroller is very sleek. It is lightweight at only 13 pounds. The handlebar isn’t adjustable but it is a good height at just under 42 inches and has a curved shape, which is comfortable to hold.

My favorite part about this stroller is the compact size. It folds up very easily and can be done with one hand. This is perfect for walking up stairs or for busy parents who have their hands full. The folded stroller fits into the smallest of spaces. It can easily be stowed in your trunk, a coat closet or even at the bottom of a shopping cart at the store. The stroller is designed with a padded carrying strap, so it is simple to carry on your shoulder (like a bag) when folded. I have found this very convenient for walking up stairs with the stroller on one shoulder and the infant car seat in my other hand. The compact and sleek design of this stroller is truly amazing.

The YOYO+ has two different seating options. The first is the newborn pack, designed for babies from birth to 6 months. This is great, as the child faces you in a bassinet-type style. The newborn pack comes with a thin liner, removable fleece footmuff, head support and hood. It also has a 5-point harness to keep the baby secure.

The second seating option is for children 6 months and up to about 40 pounds. It provides a thick seat liner, shoulder pads and comes with three height options. The straps are also simple to use, so it is quick and easy to get your child in and out of the seat. The seat reclines, not fully, but to a good position for toddlers to take a nap. It comes with a sun visor that has a clear peekaboo window, so it is easy to check on your child when forward-facing.

BabyzenYOYOa The YOYO+ can be used as a complete travel system, as it has the ability to attach a car seat with simple adaptors. The stroller is currently compatible with Cybex and Maxi- Cosi seats. I love this feature and have found it very easy for running quick errands around town with my car. I have the Cybex Aton Q car seat, and it is easy-peasy to take it out of the car and attach it to my YOYO+.

The YOYO+ is a very practical stroller. It is easy to clean, as all fabrics can be easily removed and washed. The stroller also comes with a sizable basket for storage under the seat as well a rain cover to protect your child from the elements. The stroller has great drivability on smooth surfaces and can easily fit through tight spaces such as small aisles in stores or on the subway.

BabyzenYOYOcThis stroller is also wonderful for traveling as it fits in the overhead compartment of an airplane(!). The brakes are simple and easy to use with one foot. The sleek YOYO+ comes in many different color options, which include blue, black, red, gray, pink, and taupe.

The Babyzen YOYO+ stroller has been a perfect fit for our family’s urban on-the-go lifestyle. It is convenient to carry and a breeze to use. I love that it will take our baby all the way from birth to 4 years old and that it is compatible with our infant car seat. I can use it in the city for walks or easily throw it in my trunk and use with my car seat for travel. This stroller is also perfect for us, as we fly often to visit family in different parts of the country and is simple to travel. This stroller is a great investment that will be perfect for our child for many years.

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