Babyspace: Calypso Belle's nursery

By Published On: August 19th, 2013

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BabySpace-500x150Pregnancy & Newborn’s peek into fabulous baby rooms across the country.

Cinda Boomershine is the brains behind the popular cinda b brand, a line of casual-chic handbags, travel bags and accessories made right here in the USA. Today, she takes us on a tour of her daughter Calypso Belle’s thoughtfully designed nursery.
What was your vision for the nursery?
Our goal was to create an eco-friendly, reasonably affordable nursery that was beautiful, calm, modern and chic. But here was the kicker … we wanted to do all that using only items made in America. Having this stipulation meant it took a bit more time to complete the nursery, but I am proud to say that everything (paint, carpet, drapes, crib, bedding, etc.—and even the diaper pail) was made in the USA.
What would you consider your most essential piece?
Hands down, the changing table is our most essential piece. It is actually a vintage bar that we converted into our changing table by constructing a simple walnut topper and giving it a fresh coat of paint. The walnut top has separate sections for the Colgate Kids EcoPad, diapers, wipes and creams. Behind the doors, we store linens and extra supplies. The drawers help us organize all her little accessories. We also love the beautiful, ingenious and indispensable changing pad cover and topper by Oilo Studio.
Is there a history or a story behind any of the pieces you chose?
We had a very narrow space for a bookcase and were having a hard time finding one that fit and that was made in America. Then I remembered a piece that my parents had in their dining room when I was little. It was a Herman Miller inspired modular bookcase my Dad built while he was in architecture school. Luckily, my parents still had it in storage. It is the perfect fit, holds all of Belle’s books and toys perfectly and helps give the room its modern feel.
What are your favorite pieces, and why?
I actually have three favorite pieces. The first favorite item is her Spot on Square Roh crib. We all absolutely adore it! It is so modern and fabulous with its perfect combination of the chic Lucite and earthy walnut. It makes me happy every time I see it. I also love the pair of paintings that we hung in her room—and that her Daddy, Mark Boomershine, painted for her. I must admit, it is handy being married to an artist as I can “commission” just about anything my designer mind can dream up. In this instance, I told him I wanted paintings that reflected our love for the sea, that were somewhat girly and that worked within the color scheme I gave him. He ran with that and painted these amazing sea creatures complete with the Roman numerals for 2012, the year Belle was born. These two paintings make the room! For more examples of Belle’s dad’s art, visit
Where did you find these pieces?
I did a ton of research online to find eco-friendly products made in America. However, whenever possible, I chose to buy locally to support my local economy and my favorite local stores. One of my favorites is New Baby Products. They also value the importance of American made products and have a nice selection from which to choose. I got my Colgate Kids eco-friendly crib mattress from them. I got my glider and ottoman from B Braithwaite, which is another one of my favorite Atlanta stores. I also raided my parent’s basement for the bookcase and found our changing table at a thrift store in Palm Beach, Florida.
What is your best tip for decorating?
My best decorating tip is to find something that inspires you and use it as the springboard for your design. In this case, I used my cinda b Scala Ivory diaper bag as my springboard. We love how the Scala Ivory pattern blends soft pink, grey and ivory so I used that as our color scheme for the whole room.
Any secret confessions?
My secret confession is probably that we splurged on power drapes for the nursery. There were no drapes in the room when we moved in, so I was starting from scratch. I chose power curtain rods instead of the standard manual ones. Now with a simple push of a button, all the drapes open or close automatically. It definitely went against my budget, but it was well worth it!
What is Belle’s favorite spot in the room?
Belle is totally enamored with the bamboo mobile that hangs above her crib. She loves the adorable mix of jungle animals. We love that Petit Collage chose to make it in the USA with eco-friendly materials.
What is your favorite spot in the room?
Odd as it may sound, our favorite spot is the floor. We love playing on the floor, rolling around and just generally having a merry time there. Belle plays on a quilt the sewers at the cinda b factory in Fort Wayne, Indiana made for us. It is composed of all the different cinda b custom fabrics so like all cinda b bags, it is machine washable and water & stain resistant—which comes in handy. It is also beautiful and something that I know Belle will cherish for many years to come.
What would you like to add about designing a stunning nursery?
We wanted Belle’s nursery to be fit for our baby girl but also easy to change should we ever be blessed with a baby boy. To do that, we kept the core items (the ones that are difficult or expensive to change) gender neutral. Paint is easy to change, so we painted the ceiling a soft pink shade. Should a boy ever show up, all we need to do is paint the ceiling a different color, change out the accessories and voila! We will have an equally charming and fitting boy’s nursery.
Thanks so much for showing us around, Cinda! Belle sure is one lucky little lady.