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Rowan’s baby book has a spot to record all of […]

Rowan could totally pull off long, flowing hair!

Rowan could totally pull off long, flowing hair!

Rowan’s baby book has a spot to record all of his many first achievements—rolling over, sitting up, eating solids, etc. I am usually a mix of happy and sad whenever he reaches one of these milestones (happy that he is thriving and hitting these life markers, but sad that it’s happening at such a quick pace). One “first” that I am begrudgingly accepting is Rowan’s need for a haircut. The little envelope to hold his first curl will be accepting its inhabitant sooner than I’d like.
Let’s rewind for a minute. Eight months ago, before Rowan arrived, my husband and I didn’t think our baby would have a single hair on his head, let alone enough to warrant a haircut before his first birthday. Sure, Arthur and I are fortunate to have lustrous manes now, but we were both bald when we were born. It took me a couple years to sport more than peach fuzz. So we were shocked when Rowan came out with a full head of dark brown hair. Many people said it would fall out and he’d be rocking the Bruce Willis look, but he never did. Yes, it lightened up, but otherwise it just keeps growing.
I swore his locks would stay in tact until he was at least one. But now that it’s long enough for him to pull, for it to get in his eyes, for him to sport sideburns, and for people to keep asking me, “When will he get his first haircut?” I need to face facts. The long (and soon to be short) of it: he needs a haircut. Arthur, family, and friends feared I would let Rowan go the route of Kate Hudson’s and Céline Dion’s sons—letting him grow it out as long as he wanted to, even if everybody else thinks he looks like a girl. And to be honest, I’d be okay with that. It’s his hair.
What made me schedule his first haircut wasn’t judgment from other people but the desire to acclimate Rowan to it at a young age. Like with his swimming lessons, I want to normalize this ritual for him so he’s less likely to be scared of it in the future. So Rowan will be getting a trim sooner than expected, and I’m looking on the bright side—photo-op!

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