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I was excited to try out the Babymoov Swoon Up […]

I was excited to try out the Babymoov Swoon Up bouncer because we had a swing, a simple bouncer that sits low to the ground and a rocking bassinet—but nothing like this product! The promotional video I watched depicted this sleek and modern portable bouncer that can be adjusted to sit low for when you’re sitting on the couch and then high for when you’re sitting at the table. Those features did not disappoint!

I initially opened up the box and was happy to see three things: no tools required, only three pieces to snap together and picture instructions. (Written instructions were also provided, but they weren’t as clear as I’d have liked.) So imagine my surprise and frustration when I was unable to fold the bouncer up and down—that is until the company sent me video instructions.

The video makes it look easy, but when trying to do it myself, the bouncer stubbornly does not like to fold. Adjusting the bouncer legs is also a bit cumbersome. You have to awkwardly pull up on two tabs on either side of the chair, while at the same time pushing the chair down with your body weight. It’s lightweight, so when I do need to move it around the house, I usually just carry it in it’s upright position instead of folding it.

Even though I had trouble with the folding design, I still love this bouncer! Its modern and simplistic style fits our home well, and having my baby sit up high at the table with us while we eat or work is magical! It’s so easy to interact with her, and because she can see our faces at the table height setting, she cries and fusses a lot less.

The chair is able to swivel 360 degrees, so she can easily see everyone’s faces without having to pick up the entire bouncer. It has a natural movement feature for baby, so it moves when she kicks. It also comes with a cute adjustable mobile, which my baby absolutely loves.

Now for the nitty-gritty: The design is fairly simple, and the weight limit is 19 pounds. It comes in either dark or light gray, and the fabric is machine washable. The height of the chair has two settings: couch height or table height. The height is adjusted by pushing two buttons, which I explained above. The seat can be tilted and maneuvered at the legs and head, so baby can sit upright or lie down. There is a two-point harness with easily adjustable straps, and it’s there for a reason. So, make sure to strap your little one into the chair! The seat is shallow, and without a harness baby could potentially wriggle off.

Once I got over the frustration of putting it together, it turned out to be a pretty awesome bouncer—one that our family uses every day. If my baby enjoys playing in the bouncer, then who am I to disagree?! The best part for me about the Babymoov Swoon Up is that it is adjustable to table level. It really makes a difference during our dinnertime. We used to put her in a swing while we sat at the table, and she would cry almost immediately. But as soon as we introduced her to the Swoon Up during mealtime, she’s all smiles and laughs because we can talk and play with her. I would recommend this bouncer for the simple fact that it makes playing and watching your little one easy!

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