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Pockets! The Babymoov Glober Bag has pockets galore! Two pockets […]

Pockets! The Babymoov Glober Bag has pockets galore! Two pockets on either side—one of them the perfect size for my wallet and phone—and a multi-pocket organizing section on the front, with two outer velcro pockets. I like to keep baby’s burp cloths, pacifier, and diaper-changing items in the front pockets for easy access. Then things like toys, extra clothes, blankets, etc., which we won’t need as often, can go in the center drawstring section. The drawstring is handy because I can open it up wide to see inside for what I need.

The interior has a couple mesh pockets on either side, plus four elastic loops near the bottom. I use them to keep her baby bottle, my water bottle and a spare blanket in place and right where I can grab them easily. I love that it has enough space to pack for an entire day out, or even use it as an airplane carry-on. I can fit everything baby needs for an entire day, including a blanket and a change of clothes, and still have room for some of my own things—wallet, phone, extra shirt for spit-up and a water bottle. Once the drawstring is pulled tight, the top flaps snaps over to keep everything secure. It’s quite the relief from the black hole effect that some large diaper bags fall into. When I look at how much I fit into the bag, I feel like it’s large for a diaper bag, but when I step back and look at it, it’s barely bigger than a large purse.

The Glober Bag comes with an insulated bottle bag, a pacifier pouch, a diaper changing pad and a clear zipper pouch for wet clothes. The bottle bag is sufficiently large enough to hold baby’s 9-ounce bottle, or I can put a 5-ounce bottle together with a jar of baby food and a spoon in it. The pacifier pouch is large enough to hold at least two extra pacifiers, or in my case, one extra pacifier plus hair bands and clip for mommy! The pouch and the bottle bag both have their own snap loops to attach to the outside of the bag, if you want, or anchor to the top. There’s an extra D-ring on one of the backpack straps, so you can even hook the pacifier pouch there.

One of my favorite features is the dual-carrying system. You can carry it as a backpack or switch to a longer strap to carry it over-the-shoulder or crossbody. All the handles detach, and there’s an extra flap at the back to store them. I keep whichever handle I’m not using stashed away, so I can switch them on the go. There’s also a handle at the top of the bag, so you can grab it one-handed.

The Glober Bag is available in three colors, two of which are gender-neutral (grey/black shades) and very versatile. The third color option, which I have, is a maroon with paisley accent on the outer two pockets and the accessories. It’s just cute enough to double as a purse, but not so ostensibly baby-ish that it’s obviously a diaper bag. And as baby becomes a toddler, we can keep using it is as an overnight bag for trips.

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