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Attention all mamas who’d like to keep their sense of […]

Attention all mamas who’d like to keep their sense of style after baby: the Babymoov City Bag is where it’s at! When I became pregnant with my baby girl, I was a little worried that I might lose some of my identity. Even though I was ready to be mommy, I also wanted to maintain “me” in all of this, and I was looking for a bag that fit me as both mama and Miranda. When I saw the Babymoov City Changing Bag, I loved it right away.

It’s more “bag” than “diaper,” which really appeals to me. My bag is in Zinc, a dark gray color with a lighter gray cloth interior. It is also sold in Black and Savanne (light brown). The fact that it doesn’t boast a busy pattern—i.e., bright pink with flowers—really had me excited from the get-go. The bag looks like it could be a really nice purse, not a diaper bag, and it even has the little studs at the bottom so it doesn’t touch the ground. Because of its great look, I have used it as both my purse and as my bag for baby while out running errands. This is awesome for any mama on the go, since we all know how many bags one might juggle daily.

Now for the details: It has a large front pocket (perfect for quickly tossing in some ChapStick and a phone), and two smaller zippered pockets on the other side of the exterior. It is 100 percent polyester, making it suitable for even strictly vegan mamas. It also has a long strap in addition to its short shoulder straps, in case you choose to wear it cross body.

Inside, there are four pockets of various sizes. There are two medium ones, which I use for bottles, a tiny one (which is good for a hairbrush, diaper rash ointment, etc.) and a large pocket that is perfect for loose diapers, since it zips all the way across one side of the interior. Then I throw changes of clothes, wipes and all other baby necessities into the middle.

The texture of the bag is a little flimsy and soft to the touch, which is similar to genuine leather. If you prefer a structured bag, this may not be for you. Personally, I enjoy the give of the material—it can easily be stuffed away under a stroller.

The bag also comes with many additional features, such as stroller harness straps, a changing mat, a laundry pocket, a soother pocket (which I use for storing baby’s pacifier) and an insulated bag for a bottle. Depending on where we are headed, I use a few (and sometimes all) of the extras! You don’t often see a laundry bag or pacifier holder, but both really come in handy.

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