Babymoov Aquanest Bathtub

By Published On: December 30th, 2015

Say goodbye to the ol’ cup trick during bathtime! You […]

Say goodbye to the ol’ cup trick during bathtime! You know the one: Check the water’s temperature, fill the cup, pour over baby’s legs, now her stomach, and her head. The constant battle to keep baby warm and comfy during bath time ceases with the Aquanest by Babymoov. (The Aquanest, which was first available in Europe, has finally made its way over to stores in the U.S.)
The tub features its innovative Warm Diffuser System, which is an insert that sits in the bottom of the tub, and maintains the water’s temperature at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit; the ideal bodily temperature. You simply place the diffuser in the microwave for five minutes max, insert it into the bottom of the tub, fill with water, and voila! Not only does this guarantee a perfect bathtime temperature for baby, but it also does so in a safe and natural way. The insert is filled with peat, a material partially consisting of decomposed vegetable matter—you might have even used this material for gardening!
The ability to keep the water warm for baby has been my favorite feature so far, but the look of the tub itself is definitely a perk. It has a simple, sleek design, which a minimalist mama like myself can appreciate.
It is a spacious tub, sold in white, and I can easily see us using it for at least a full year. We have been setting our Aquanest tub right in the main bathtub, so that we can easily drain it after use. They do sell a drain pipe set that can be used if you prefer to also purchase a bath stand. The bath stand is a purchase we may make in the future; it puts the tub at just the right height, so you don’t have to lean down.

Babymoov2There is very little assembly necessary, but I didn’t find the tub ideal for travel because it does not break down, or come with a carry-case or bag.

It is advertised that the tub has one side for infants from 0-6 months and one side for seated babies, but because our baby girl is only 8 weeks old, we felt she was still a bit small for the tub on its own. We decided to use a support seat that you can place in the tub, which works great if you also have a tiny bather.
The tub is spacious, versatile and made of durable plastic. Because the tub has a streamlined design, it is quite easy to keep clean and have ready for tomorrow night’s use.
Price: $60
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