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What exactly does a mama do with 6-12 feet of cloth? […]

What exactly does a mama do with 6-12 feet of cloth? Wrap her baby up and wear her, of course! The Babylonia BB-Slen wrap is one of the many ways to have a hands-free approach to keeping your baby close. And if 12 feet of fabric intimidates you, don’t worry: The BB-Slen comes with a handy little book that includes detailed, step-by-step instructions.

First and foremost the material of the wrap is amazing—Babylonia nailed it! It’s so soft and smooth right out of the box, which is hard to find in a brand-new woven wrap. If you’re a texture person like me, then you’ll love the feel of the 100 percent organic cotton. There’s no need to break it in or wash it 25 times until it becomes soft. Speaking of washing, Babylonia makes it easy to maintain your BB-Slen—it’s machine-washable and, just like your favorite nice jeans, air-drying is best.

BB-Slen is available in solid and patterned color wraps options. I was sent a solid, and it’s far from plain—a subtle design is woven in to the fabric to give it some flair, even though it’s monochromatic.

So, how well does it work? Well, it works as well as you can wrap it! As a mom of one under 1, I’m no expert, but I have learned that wrapping, like with most things in life, takes practice to be good at it! Because it doesn’t stretch, it’s important to tie it not too tight and not too loose—but after a couple rounds of practice, we got it tied just right.

Durability is super important in a wrap or any baby carrier, and the BB-Slen is made of thick cotton that’s rated to carry your baby up to 4ish years. So, it’s pretty sturdy but still comfy.

If you’re wondering about wrapping versus a ring-sling (RS), soft-structured carrier (SSC), mei-tai (MT) … seriously, there are more acronyms than when teenagers text … then you’ve got to do some homework because there’s endless pros to every kind of carrier. But the No. 1 thing about a woven wrap over some of the other varieties of carriers is that it’s really easy to use for all body sizes and kids’ ages, so it’s my favorite carrier for sharing and multi-kid homes.

The best thing about the BB-Slen woven wrap compared to other types of wraps? A woven is typically safe for front, back and hip carries, whereas a stretchy (like the one brand that shares a name with the whale story by Melville) is only safe in limited positions. Plus, woven wraps don’t stretch or sag over time, which means they’re ideal for getting bigger-by-the-day babes like my own.

The BB-Slen retails for $69, and the 100 percent organic cotton and the quality and durability of the material make it well worth it IMHO. (Get it? Another acronym!)

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