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By Published On: September 24th, 2015

When your little one starts on solid foods, a highchair […]

When your little one starts on solid foods, a highchair for feeding time is most definitely in order. But because I was panicking over how fast time was flying by and how quickly my baby was growing up, I almost didn’t want to think about needing a highchair. That is, until the opportunity to review the Babyhome Taste arose, at which point I gained enthusiasm and put it to use right away.

The Taste earned major points off the bat with its super simple assembly. The chair is recommended for babies 6 to 36 months, and its five-point harness fit my little one safely and securely.

Another check in the positive column can go next to “storage and footprint.” The Taste isn’t bulky and it stores easily by folding in half, thanks to its low profile and sleek design. You could easily store this standing up in a closet or laying down under a bed. It is so lightweight that you can carry it around with your baby on your hip.

The Taste is the kind of highchair that isn’t an eyesore in your kitchen. It has a modern look that blends with virtually every home style. It’s available in a variety of neutral colors that could be used for your future babes regardless of gender.

Starting on solids is a messy undertaking—there’s no getting around it. The good news is: The Taste is easy to clean. The tray can be removed without compromising the safety of your baby. The tray snaps off independently of the seat, so while you clean up the leftovers, your little one can remain safe and sound in the chair. (This also means you can use the chair sans tray and pull it right up to the table.) The tray is even dishwasher-safe—major time-saver!

A bit more about the tray: It attaches to an arm that is fixed on one side. It swings open and shut like a tray table on an airplane that stores in the armrest, or one of those old timey school desks with the writing surface that swings around. This is a great feature for getting baby in and out of the chair without having to completely disconnect the tray completely (after which you’d have to find somewhere to set it down, go back to get the baby, put the baby down and re-attach the tray … you see the lack of efficiency there). It takes a bit of muscle to snap and unsnap swing-arm tray—a safety feature to ensure baby isn’t able to do it herself, I’m told—but the overall convenience outweighs the extra effort required on my part.

The manual mentions several times that once the highchair is assembled, you should not take it apart, which I think is worth noting. Make sure you’re ready for the highchair to be together forever before you go to work on the assembly. (Remember, the Taste folds in half for easy storage, so this isn’t really a big deal.)

With a price tag of $169, the Taste falls into the high-end highchair category. What you get for the price is a stylish, sturdy and easy-to-store highchair that’s a breeze to keep clean and can be used for about two and a half years. When you combine its stand-alone style with its easy-clean design, I can’t help but put my two thumbs up.

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