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By Published On: May 28th, 2012

My daughter is very particular when it comes to mealtime. […]

My daughter is very particular when it comes to mealtime. She likes to have a toy on her highchair tray, a bib that isn’t too big and bulky, and she definitely prefers the taste of apples or bananas to peas. Needless to say, I have years of mealtime fights in my future. So, when it comes to picking the right highchair, not only is my daughter particular, but so I am. The chair has to be comfortable for baby and easy to use for Mom and Dad. Plus, it never hurts to have a high chair that matches the decor of your dining room since it will be there around the clock.
The Babyhome Eat did meet many of both my daughter’s and my picky requirements. First of all, the chair was easy to assemble. The chair only came with three pieces: the frame, the cushion (which comes in many great colors like lime green or brown), and the tray. After 5 minutes and no tools, the chair was assembled and ready for a test run. The chair is made from a super lightweight polished aluminum. The aluminum makes the chair sleek and modern, but also makes it strong and hygienic. It is super easy to transport the chair; it is light and folds up to a compact size. The Eat is also equipped with additional plastic pieces along the bottom so it slides easily and won’t scratch up hardwood flooring.
babyhomeThe sleek, modern design and vibrant colors are great, too. I don’t feel like I have a huge, tacky highchair in my dining room. While the aesthetics are a definite plus, more importantly, the Babyhome Eat keeps baby’s safety in mind. The chair has a five-point attachment harness that can easily be adjusted as the baby grows. I never worry that my daughter is unsafe in the chair or may wiggle out of the straps when I attempt to feed her those pesky peas. A final standout feature of the chair is how easy it is to clean. The tray wipes clean quickly and the high quality seat fabric is easy to remove and wash.
While there are many great features of the Babyhome “Eat,” there are some disappointments. The main issue with the chair is the tray. The tray is compact in size and easy to clean, but it is very difficult to lock in place and remove. You definitely need two hands, so it is impossible to hold baby in one arm and manipulate the tray with the other. The tray is so frustrating, parents may try to wiggle their little ones into the chair with it still attached (I certainly tried!). Unfortunately, the tray has to be removed to get baby in securely, and that isn’t an easy task either. The other issue I discovered while testing out the chair with my daughter is the buckles on the five-point harness. They are incredibly stiff and take quiet a bit of effort to snap in place. I usually had to use two hands for each side and at one point, pinched my finger while securing baby.
In the end, the Baby Home Eat high chair has some great features and some not so great features. If you are looking for style and compact size in a high chair, look no further than the Eat!
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