BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Miracle

By Published On: November 14th, 2011

The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Miracle is aptly named. The ability to accomplish tasks while holding baby hands-free really is a miracle!

You’re likely already familiar with BabyBjörn carriers (even if only thanks to The Hangover), but their latest model, the Miracle, sets itself apart from the Original with the addition of a waist belt and an ever-so-slightly higher weight limit. Let’s start at the beginning though and work our way up to how these features are beneficial.

When looking at the carrier right out of the box, it seems a bit confusing to figure out, but it actually isn’t. The manual is clear and helpful, and I recommend highly recommend watching this 3-minute video for a visual demonstration of how to use and adjust the carrier with babies of various sizes. The Miracle comprises two pieces: the harness (or portion with straps) and the carrier itself (the part that holds baby). The harness goes on over your shoulders much like a backpack, and the carrier piece is attached from there. Prior to attaching, the carrier can be adjusted for the size of the baby. (There’s actually a tape measure marked on the inside of the carrier, so you can achieve the perfect fit simply by adjusting it to the length measurement of your passenger.) Once partially attached, you slide in your passenger and fasten the remaining clasps.

After putting the carrier on and taking it off a couple times, the process can be accomplished in less than a minute. There is a chest attachment and a shoulder snap on each side and two side straps that can be tightened by simply pulling them—very easy! You do not need a second person to put it on or take it off or load baby in or out. The carrier can be used on the wearer’s front only, but allows baby to face in or out.

The first thing we noticed was that our baby seemed to want to go to sleep as soon as we put him in the carrier. He loves being snuggled close to mom or dad! Our baby was not big enough to be in the carrier facing forward, but we are looking forward to when he is because we know he’ll love taking in the sights.
When our baby was especially small, we wore him higher up on our chests, with his weight distributed across our shoulders. The shoulder straps are very comfortable, even with wearing him for a couple hours. They do not dig into your shoulders, and do not leave your back sore. As baby has grown, we’ve begun to carry our little man down toward our bellies and tightened the waist belt to hold his weight more in our hips. The ergonomic back support works well and seems to eliminate a lot of the discomfort I’ve heard some parents complain about experiencing with the Original. The carrier can be used for tots up to 26 pounds, and when you’re carrying that heavy a load, it’s nice to be able to adjust the weight distribution in a way that’s most comfortable for you.

The Miracle fits my wife and I perfectly, and it seems like it would have enough room on the adjustable straps to be used by adults much larger or smaller than us too. We are so impressed by the fact that it allows us to truly have our hands free for whatever we want, whether it’s shopping, playing with the other kids, walking the dog, etc. It’s much less cumbersome than pushing a stroller when out and about, and it can turn vaccuuming into a nice little workout at home too.

At $185, the Miracle is not inexpensive. However, you do get what you pay for: The quality—as with most BabyBjörn products—is exceptional and the ease of use and comfort factor are nothing to sneeze at. The Miracle is available in a variety of fashion, including Soft Cotton Mix, Organic Cotton and Airy Mesh, so you can choose a style based on the elements most important to you. The Miracle is machine-washable and folds into about the size of a sweatshirt for easy stowing at home and on the go.
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