Baby Trend Navigator Lite Double Jogger Stroller

With a 4-year-old and an infant, we initially weren’t sure […]

With a 4-year-old and an infant, we initially weren’t sure we’d get much use out of a double stroller. Turns out, our 4-year old is much lazier now that the baby is here! If baby rides, he wants to ride, too. A double stroller is crucial if we want to get anywhere in any reasonable amount of time or avoid meltdowns.

Before getting the Baby Trend Navigator Lite Double Jogger Stroller, we’d tried the glider board for our single stroller as well as a backward facing “jump seat,” and neither were a hit. We were getting by with the single BOB and letting the oldest sit on the front, but it wasn’t conducive to longer strolls or actual running.

Assembly & Storage
My husband assembled this stroller and thought it was pretty easy. Some of the screw holes didn’t align perfectly, so he had to play with it a bit. The frame arrived assembled, so he had to attach the three wheels, the cup holder and the front plastic plate. The instructions were easy to follow.

It’s a double stroller, so it does take up a good bit of space. It doesn’t fold incredibly easily, and it is counter-intuitive based on our experience with single strollers. We don’t travel with it or pack it into the car, so it is only stored in our garage. I drive an SUV, and this stroller takes up the entire cargo area.

We aren’t runners, so I can’t speak for the true “jog-a-bility” of this model, but we do take a lot of neighborhood walks. Unlike other joggers, this stroller doesn’t have an emergency brake strap, so I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be taking it on a true run anyway. It does have a wrist strap, but it doesn’t connect to the brake.

The 5-point seat harness is very secure, yet easy to unlatch when the ride ends. For our infant, we attached the restraint bar, and he loves having something to hold onto!

Maneuverability & Ease of Use
I was surprised at how easily the Navigator Lite Double Jogger Stroller maneuvered the uneven sidewalks in our older neighborhood, especially for being so wide! Turns are well handled, and the stroller drives sturdily, too. The stroller has a single bar handle, which I prefer over two separate handles, but it does not adjust in height. I am 5 foot 4 inches, and my husband is 5 foot 7 inches, and we found it comfortable. I think it would be comfortable up to maybe 6 foot height but probably not much more than that.

Our boys are 42 pounds and 18 pounds, and the stroller distributes their weight evenly, so it doesn’t pull to one side or the other. The stroller is lightweight enough to navigate the uneven sidewalks in our neighborhood with just one hand, even up a mild incline with a cup of hot coffee in the other hand—so important for sleep-deprived morning walks! Speaking of coffee, the cup holders are wide and moderately deep—easily holding a water bottle, coffee mug (although the mug needs to stay in the closed position) or even a canned adult beverage in a koozie. Even though the cup holders are deep, they are directly above the seats—not behind them—so any spillage will pour directly onto the kiddos.

The stroller has two decent sized storage baskets underneath, easily accommodating a diaper bag, a soccer ball, “treasures” collected on our walks (pine cones, sticks and other finds), a picnic blanket and more. I really like the storage compartment built into the handlebar console because it has a hard cover for extra protection from rain or a surprise bump—it easily fits a few iPhones, a small wallet and keys. Unlike the fabric after-market consoles, the plastic one is easy to wipe down, and it doesn’t get soaked if something spills.

One of my favorite features is the canopy design. Each seat has an independent canopy that can be moved front to back. This is great for various angles of the sun, and it still lets air flow through. Plus, it’s very easy to check in on the kiddos without using the little plastic windows I’ve seen on other strollers.

The front platform is made of plastic, which, while sturdy, seems a little cheap but is incredibly easy to clean after muddy toddler feet climb into the seat.

The side-by-side design definitely takes over the entire sidewalk in our older neighborhood. On some quiet streets, I opt to walk in the road instead, just for a little more room or to allow others to use the sidewalk.

The two kids really seem to like this stroller. They both seem very comfortable and have enough airflow even on a hot summer day. Even on uneven sidewalks or trails, there’s no complaint of bumps. There’s a little pocket inside each seat, perfect for holding a water bottle within easy reach. The oldest doesn’t have a fit that he isn’t in the front, since they are side-by-side, too. He also is able to help the baby reach toys mid-stroll, so that’s very helpful! The baby falls asleep in it, so that’s bonus points in my book.

For a double jogger, this stroller is very affordable and only lacks features found on the higher end models. I think this is an excellent option for families with two young kids who mostly use it for neighborhood outings!

Price: $250
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By Micki

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