Baby Trend Deluxe Feeding Center

By Published On: September 12th, 2012

When I started looking for highchairs for my son, I […]

When I started looking for highchairs for my son, I had three things in mind: I wanted a highchair that was easy to clean, easy to store without taking up much space, and one in which I could adjust the height. The Baby Trend high chair I got fulfilled all my requirements and then some.
My Baby Trend Deluxe Feeding Center has a dishwasher safe tray insert, but is also easy to clean with a soapy sponge. There are no tiny nooks and crannies, I just wipe the tray down after every meal and throw it in the dishwasher if it’s unusually messy. The seat pad is machine washable too, but I have yet to do that. The Evergreen style I have does not have any patches or decals on the pad, so I am not worried about anything coming off in the wash. I wipe down the pad after a meal and so far I haven’t had any major stains. The fabric is polyester, which is not as easy to clean as a plastic cover, but it’s definitely cuter and more comfortable for my baby.
babytrend_0As far as storage, this was especially on my mind because my husband and I live in a relatively small condo without much storage space. Luckily, this highchair folds up very easily and when folded is reasonably thin. I can fit it in my cluttered broom closet if I need more space in the dining room, but usually just fold it up and lean it against the wall and it is never in the way. The tray is easy to remove and can be stored underneath the folded chair. While I appreciate that the tray can be hung on the chair legs for storage, I haven’t found it to be that useful. If the folded high chair is jostled the tray falls off pretty easily.
We have a high-top table in our kitchen so I wanted a high chair that would raise to be the same height as our bar chairs. This one does, but it will also lower to 5 other levels, so I can use it at our dining table and in the living room while I’m sitting on the couch. The seat also reclines which would have been nice before my baby could support his head on his own. The tray can also be adjusted to three positions closer to or farther from the child.
This chair has wheels, so I can move it from room to room. I would caution others to be sure to take your child out of the seat before moving it. I have found that the back wheels can lock inadvertently causing the chair to tip easily.
The high chair was simple to put together and did not require any tools. Most of the pieces just snapped into place. The instruction booklet was easy to navigate. It seems to be pretty sturdy and can be used up to 40 pounds. My baby is still well under that weight and sits very comfortably in the chair. The harness has waist and shoulder straps, so it definitely feels safe, but can be difficult to put on (and take off) of a wiggly child.
The model I bought has a good-sized storage basket underneath that can be removed. I have not stored anything there, but in the future might keep bibs or antibacterial wipes there.
Overall, I have been very happy with my highchair and plan to keep it around to use with future children.
Price: $110
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