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Book your babymoon. Mocktails, lounging around, leisurely sightseeing, strolls in […]

babymoonBook your babymoon.
Mocktails, lounging around, leisurely sightseeing, strolls in new places … need we say more?
Go out with the girls.
Fill up that social calendar while you’re footloose and offspring-free. Acceptable activities include spa days, leisurely lunches, chats over coffee, and spontaneous get-togethers.
Sit in silence.
“The pitter-patter of little feet” is a euphemism. It’s about to get loud up in your house.
Wear white.
Babies are messy. Forget about post-Labor Day etiquette and don your color-free tee with confidence.
Bask in your breakables.
Soon enough that heirloom vase will have to hit the closet so curious fingers won’t fling it to the floor. Appreciate your home’s decor before baby-proofing becomes your design aesthetic.
And then sleep some more. Uninterrupted snoozing will be in short supply once your tiny-stomached tot arrives. Grab those prebaby Zs and hang on tight.
Cram in some cinema.
There may come a time in the not-too-distant future when a friend will mention the latest blockbuster and you’ll have no idea what she’s talking about. Make a date and order a large popcorn—it’s movie time.

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